I’m not a big one for reading business books, it’s true I have shelves full of the things, mostly unread, mostly never opened.  I read all that stuff  online instead.  I am on the other hand a big fan of Mari Smith, the ‘Facebook Queen’.  I enjoy reading her blog and watching her videos and always find them full of useful information and tips so it was with some excitement that I pre-ordered my copy of her second book ‘The New Relationship Marketing‘.

Aimed at either social media newbies or those struggling to get it to work it contains a step by step solution on how to get results.  I read this with both some relief and disappointment.  Relief because even a social media practitioner like myself sometimes has a niggling feeling we could be doing something wrong.  Disappointment because the system I work by is very similar to hers and I thought I’d created it myself!

It may be aimed at newbies but it’s crammed with tips and I even found a few that I can learn from.  For example instead of RT’ing like this:

RT @Spiderworking I haven’t had a chance to play with the new Google analytics yet, have you? Here’s some cool stuff ow.ly/7KO1n

This works far better as it gets straight into the meat of the Tweet:

I haven’t had a chance to play with the new Google analytics yet, have you? Here’s some cool stuff ow.ly/7KO1n via @spiderworking

I’m trialing this new style at the moment.

The only problem I have with the book is that like many American books written by coaches (apologies to Mari I know you’re Socts Canadian and not a coach), it seems to spend a big chunk of time telling the reader how to be Mari Smith.  As much as I admire her work there can only be one Mari Smith, not all of us can be or would want to be on the same level as her.  There can be no ‘How To’ guide to being Mari Smith as we all have different goals and measures of success, we dont’ all have the same motivations, brain or drive as her.  I understand that she is showing us the process including real life examples of how she got to where she is in life but I would have been more comfortable if the entire book had been devoted to social media systems and tips.  The key term ‘Relationship Marketing’ can be applied to people in all walks of life using social media, only a small segment of the readership have aspirations or the skills to become another Mari Smith.

Putting this concern aside this is a great read, I love the companion website full of downloads and extra information and I’d recommend delving into it if you are struggling to ‘get’ social media.  It will save you time and help you boost the time you do have.

Have you read the book?  I’d love to hear your opinions too.

  • Marian

    Amanda the RT tip is great, I think you mentioned it quickly before but obviously it didn’t register.  Tks for review it may be on my shopping list!

  • Greetings, Amanda!! You so rock!!! Many thanks for your fair review — I can understand where you’re coming from. Given the subtitle is about building a “large, loyal, and profitable” network, I wanted to show the readers how to do exactly that. There are likely other ways too. Even if a reader implemented 20% of my suggestions, they’d make great strides. 

    In any case, I do appreciate what you say. As a longterm student in the personal development arena, I’ve often thought that many leaders have the message of, “if only you did exactly as I did, then you too could be me.” But, that’s certainly not my style nor my intent; I’m a huge advocate of being authentically yourself. It’s good to have role models and mentors and take the parts they do that most resonate with you and blend in with your own preferred style. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your comment Mari.  I think there is a huge cultural difference between North America and Europe and I think that’s probably why I had an small objection to some sections of the book.  However as you say above you aren’t telling us we have to do everything the way you do and it’s also clear by your social media activities and the way in which you communicate using them that you are not about hard sales. I understand why you included these sections in the book but I guess as a hardcore social media enthusiast I just didn’t want to be diverted from all the cool stuff.

    Having said that I did take some inspiration from your tips on public speaking to jazz up what could have been a very boring presentation last week!
    Looking forward to your next book 🙂