As always there’s plenty of social media news this week.  I haven’t included the ‘racist tweet’ story as it’s been covered so heavily by the main stream press.  What I have included is news on Instagram for Android, employers wanting your Facebook logins, Google commenting… and lots more.  Don’t forget you can submit stories you think should be included in my roundup every Thursday on my Facebook page.

Employers want your Facebook details – American attempt to make it illegal failed

It seems there has been a trend recently for employers to require employees to declare their Facebook login and passwords. It seems ludicrous that anyone could argue that this is OK.  As soon as Facebook became aware of the situation they changed their Statement of Rights & Responsibilities to forbidding the act of sharing or soliciting passwords.  Since then there have been attempts in the states to make it against the law, sadly with no success so far. Here’s the lowdown on the legal challenges to (updated it’s now illegal).

At last!  Instagram for Android

My iPhone had an accident last year and for a while I was using an Android phone, Instagram had been a favourite of mine on and I was devastated to discover there was no Android app. Thankfully after spending some time recuperating in a bag of rice in the airing cupboard my iPhone recovered and I’ve been happily snapping away.  If you are not familiar with Instagram it’s a social media photo app, you upload photos, crop them to a square and add filters.  It gives them a nostalgic feel (see the picture above).

Earlier this year there was talk of there finally being an Android app and that is one step closer to reality this week.  You can now sign up to be one of the first to receive it when it’s launched.  More here on the VentureBeat blog.

Google to launch commenting system

If you leave a comment on this blog you are using the Disqus commenting system.  It’s a handy WordPress plugin that makes commenting nicer.  It’s threaded and you can use a number of online identities to comment with.  I’m a big fan although it can be glitchy at times.  Facebook also have a commenting system that, like Disqus, can be added to your blog to manage your comments.  Now it looks like Google is to launch it’s own system to rival these, like everything Google does it seems like a no brainer, surely a comment made on a Google system will be better for SEO than any other comment?  It’s going to be interesting to see how it develops but here’s some pro’s and con’s as outlined by Read Write Web.

Storytelling for small business using Facebook Timeline for pages

For those of you who may still be cynical about Facebook Timeline for pages this video is a wonderful example of how it can enable storytelling to promote your brand.  It’s bound to give you a few ideas of how to utilise some of the new features.  It’s short but very compelling.

Twitter brand page backgrounds to inspire you

And if the video above didn’t inspire you enough I’m loving this post from Hubspot showcasing some beautifully designed Twitter backgrounds. I particularly like the Adrants one (pictured above) as it will work with every screen resolution size.  It’s certainly inspired me to think about tinkering with the one.

5 tips for moving social media leads into the sales funnel

2012 seems to be the year of ROI (return on investment) on social media and it’s about time.  For two long we’ve been allowed to get away with fumbling the issue, yes it works we say but all too often real business goals haven’t been set or measured.  We know we shouldn’t be too salesy on social networks but that doesn’t mean that we should ignore the sales process.  That’s the reason I like this post from Social Media Examiner so much.  It looks at how we should get and nurture leads as part of social media.  It really is a must read, particularly if you are at a loss to justify the effort that you put into your online marketing.

Making Facebook a search engine

I’m sure that if you are a Facebook user you are aware that the search function is absolute pants. Very often I find myself frustratingly Googling “*a company name*” and “Facebook” to find their page as simply typing the name into the Facebook search bar has delivered no results.  So it’s with some delight I see that Facebook are planning to make it better.   It’s unclear at the moment what we can expect from the new search, will it attempt to rival Google for web search or will it simply make the on site search better?  Read more on Silicon Republic.

And from this week

The Best Time To Post on Google+

I’m in the midst of revamping our Google+ strategy at the moment.  I really believe that it’s a network we have to be on as Google continues to integrate it so strongly into search.  This week I discovered a tool that will help you determine the best time of day and the best day of the week to post.  Read my review here.

Chris Brogan & #SMWF

Yes I’m still banging on about my trip to Social Media World Forum soon, I promise.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am in the process of going through the twenty odd pages of notes I made.  There were some real social media hero’s there. Chris Brogan, Scott Monty to name but two.  There were also some really great case studies.  I hurriedly cobbled together this post on Chris Brogan’s talk whilst it was still fresh in my mind, I’ve tried to cram in as many of his tips as I can.

Interview with Niall Harbison of Simply Zesty for Tweak Your Biz

I’ve taken a few weeks off of my own videocast to create some video interviews for Tweak Your Biz TV (formally Bloggertone).  I was extremely privileged to talk to Niall Harbison from Simply Zesty about the amazing success of their blog and the recent sale to UTV.  I am in awe of Niall’s blogging schedule.  He writes two posts a day for Simply Zesty as well as keeping his own food blog.  See the interview here.

Chris Brogan At SMWF

As you may have noticed I’ve been looking forward to seeing Chris Brogan speak at Social Media World Forum for quite some time. When I arrived I sat (almost) right at the front so that I wouldn’t miss a word (see stalker style picture above). Here’s what I learnt.

Define your business goal

I guess people may be getting tired of hearing me banging on about Facebook Likes not being important, and it is true, you do need Likes in order to reach people, if you’re finding it hard to gather them here’s some of my tips. However the number of Likes or followers you have, or your Klout score should never be the goal of your social media campaign. Chris started his talk by revealling a conversation he overheard between two business people at breakfast. ‘Not once did they mention their Klout score or their Facebook Likes… social tools should be used in the service of doing business the same way that a telephone is.’ Apparently a bank manager won’t take your Klout score or Facebook Likes as payment for your mortage either! Using social media needs to be about achieving a measurable goal. This was the theme of Chris’s talk.

Your Website

Does your website have a strong call to action? When someone arrives there is it clear what they have to do next?  or are there multiple calls to action? If  it’s the latter the site is badly designed. You always need to be thinking about the sales process and guide visitors through it. In the age of mobile you need to make sure your site looks great on all devices, from a small screen phone to an iPad. It’s worth the investment as more and more consumers are accessing the web this way.

Your Email Marketing

91% of consumers over the age of 18 said they would prefer to interact with a brand via email. This is hugely more than any social media channel, email is not as you may of heard dead, it’s alive and well… bad email marketing is dead. Having a beautiful HTML designed email that fits in with your website is not what is important. Segmenting and segregating your email list so that you are sending the right message is.  Make sure you are targetting customers, leads etc differently.

If you are putting more than one call to action in your newsletter then you are diluting your message make sure your emails don’t run to longer than 350 words. If it’s too long for you to read on a mobile device it’s also too long for the people you are sending it to. Encourage engagment and interaction by ensuring when someone clicks the reply button the email comes straight to you your email newsletter should be a ‘relationship experience’.


Create interesting searchable content on YouTube. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, it’s important to embrace it. Again it’s not about views it’s about leads and conversions so define your goal, decide who you are trying to reach with your video and what information they will be searching for. Think about how you will turn them from leads into conversions.

Finding time for social media

‘I don’t have the time’ is a common complaint from social media sceptics so we need to look at where we do spend our time. At the moment how do we generate leads? Something like cold calling can reach up to 12 people an hour where as spending an hour on social media has the potential to reach 1,000.

These are the key points I picked up from Chris’s presentation, they may seem a little disjointed but there were so many in his talk I found it hard to keep up.  At the end I asked him for examples of small business using Google+ well and I’ll be coming back to you on these.   Were  you at the talk?  What tips have I missed?  Remind me by posting them in the comments section below.

As you read this I am on my way to SMWF (social media world forum) in London.  As you might be aware the highlight of the conference for me is Chris Brogan.  I’ve got his latest book ‘Google+ for Business’ on my Kindle and I’m looking forward to his presentation on the subject.  That’s why this week I thought we’d take a look at a pretty cool tool for use with Google+.

Google+Timing can tell you the best time to post updates to Google+.  As far as I can work out it only does this for personal profiles at the moment but it’s still pretty cool.

Just sign up with your Google+ account and it will pull some data and give you some pretty cool graphs outlining the best time of day to post to reach your followers.  It also ranks days and times in order of importance.  So although Wednesday between 8pm and 9pm is my optimum time there are countless other options.

On Wednesday I’ll be putting together a short summery of what I learnt from Chris Brogan about Google+ so do drop by.

Finally something new has come along to eclipse the Facebook Timeline business pages.  Yes the new iPad is what has been filling my feeds this week.  There has been other news however and below is my pick of the best blog posts I’ve read this week.  Sorry  I couldn’t squeeze all your suggestions in.

Twitter and mobile advertising

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Twitter introduced promoted tweets. Twitter purists (myself included) were worried that ad’s would kill the network but so far they seem to fit in quite well.  This week sees Twitter up their mobile advertising offering, allowing targeting of mobile customers specifically.  This, and Facebook’s decision to display advertising on it’s mobile app show how seriously companies are taking the mobile web.  Read more here on the Venture Beat blog.

Happy Birthday Twitter

Twitter was 6 years old this week. It’s amazing to think that something so young that started as a SMS service is now such a big part of so many peoples lives.  It’s changed the way that news breaks and it’s given us all the opportunity to converse with people and businesses that were inaccessible to us in the past.  I’ve done business on Twitter, debated on Twitter, made real life friends on Twitter and I’ve only been on it since January 2009!  Here’s an app that will show you how long you’ve been on Twitter.  And here’s a great article from Bernie Goldbach who’s been there since the beginning.

56% of Facebook pages have less than 256 fans!

For those struggling to build their Facebook community this could be good news. If you’ve more than 256 Likes you’re in the majority, well done!  And that’s not it, there’s plenty of other interesting statistics in this infographic from Also revealing is that the second biggest page type is local businesses and that 82% of all pages only post 5 times a month!  Read more here.

13 brands using Linkedin business pages

I often feel that Linkedin is one of the most undervalued of all social networks.  But according to Hubspot in this article Linkedin is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter.  If you feel that you’re not getting full benefit from Linkedin read beyond the stats to discover how to maximise your business page profile.  This is something we’re currently working on at

Hiring Interns via Facebook

What an innovative way to hire an Intern, and just in case you’re worried, the job on offer is a fully paid Summer position.  A marketing company called Fast Horse is asking Facebook to choose someone for the job.  Applicants upload their submissions to a Facebook app and the applications are voted on by the community.  More here.  Would you trust your Facebook fans to choose the right person?

Facebook Timeline icons

If you are still in the midst of redesigning your Facebook page before it’s converted to Timeline at the end of the month this free icon set may help you.  They can be used to customise your app tabs and all the basics are there.  I called them ‘not beautiful’ on Twitter during the week (and was caught out by the designer) but they are functional and well designed, perfect for anyone who wants something quick and easy to make their page look good.

Re-arrange your Pinterest boards

Pinterest is still a hot topic and if you are using it for business it’s worth having a look at this post from Write On Track.  It shows you how to  re-order your boards so that some appear more prominently.  This is a great way to highlight seasonal offerings, special offers or a particular board you want to draw attention to.

And from

If you missed the Lunch & Learn I participated in on the Sage Ireland Facebook page you can pick up all the tips shared from all the experts on the day on the Sage Ireland blog.

My second video tutorial for those of you trying to get to grips with the new business Timeline Facebook pages.  Some simple tips on pinning posts to the top of your page, featuring posts and repositioning images.

This week I finally got around to answering one of the most common questions I get asked.  How do you get more Likes to your Facebook page? I’m sure I’m missing a few so do leave a comment if you have a great tip to share.

You have probably noticed that I think there are more important statistics than your Like or Follower count.  However you do need to build a following, if you don’t no one will see your posts or know you exist.  Here are some tips on building your Likes on Facebook, including some suggested by my Facebook community.

Ask – The Wise Words Method

At the February KLCK Bloggers meeting Mona Wise from Wise Words shared her method for building her Like count.  She went from 0 to  over 3,000 in a year.

Her method was simple but effective, she asked 12 friends to ‘Like’ the page and asked them to ask 12 of their friends.

If you are going to try this choose your 12 friends carefully, who is most likely to help you and who is most likely to pass your message on to other friends?  You also need to make sure that you are clear about what you are asking.  It’s easy for us to forget that people may not necessarily know what ‘Liking’ a page means.  Include simple instructions in your email or Facebook message asking people to click the ‘Like’ button at the top of your page, and don’t forget to include the link.

Don’t be tempted to ask people twice, if they don’t respond you could be risking a friendship for persistently asking for a Like.

Of course she also offers great content. But more on this later.

Memes – Shareable Images

You must have noticed the trend over the last few months for meme’s or sharable images.  These are photographs with captions that inspire, entertain or are just a bit of fluffy fun.  Get them right and they spread like wildfire across Facebook.  How does this help you get Likes?  If you create a meme it will always link back to your Facebook page.  In the description area when you upload the photo make sure to add a bit of information about you and why you are sharing it.  You can always include a link back to your Facebook page in the description too.  Here’s a video I made on how to add a link to Images.

It’s easy to create your own Meme’s.  There are lots of free generators out there.  I’m a fan of, it allows you to upload pictures and add captions.  A great tip from Úna-Minh Caomhánach is to make sure that they have a mass audience.  She tried a few Lord of The Rings memes that didn’t reach as far, probably due to a small LOTR literate audience.

Once you’ve  created your Meme you will need to ask for the Like or the share initially, once your Likers get used to sharing you won’t need to any more, they will do it automatically.  Which brings me on to…

Ask for Likes and Shares

This is something I feel uncomfortable doing but it does work.  When a user interacts with a post on your page their comment or like appears on the Ticker on their friends pages.  In some cases it also appears on the news-feeds of their friends.  This means your updates have the potential to spread way beyond your existing community.  So ask people to ‘Like if you agree’ ‘Share if you like this’ ‘Tell us if you know someone like this’.

Try to vary your call to actions and don’t ask for a share on every post as people will soon get tired of it and think you’re begging.

Add a Like Box to your website

Like boxes are fantastic.  You’ve probably seen them on websites, filled with pictures of the people who Like the Facebook page.  The advantage of a Like box over a button or text link is that people don’t need to leave your website in order to Like your page.  I made a video tutorial on this recently and Dee Sewell from Greenside up followed it.  According to her comment on my Facebook page she’s attracted 29 new likes in the last month since adding the box.


Competitions are a fantastic way to attract people to your page.  Remember you must abide by the Facebook promotional guidelines when running a contest.  I always recommend using the Short Stack App (affiliate link). It’s easy to create pages there and there’s lots of cool bits and pieces you can add on to encourage sharing.

Sweepstakes style contests are the best at attracting new likes, these are contests where contestants just enter their name and email address to go into a draw.  The less someone needs to do to enter the more ‘Likes’ you will attract.

You need to push word out about your competition way beyond your Facebook page, posting about it on Twitter and letting your email list know really helps drive traffic

Email Digest

A great suggestion from Greg Fry.  When you’re sending out your email newsletter include a digest of your Facebook posts encouraging others to Like it.

When people can see you’re adding valuable content and that you have something to offer they are far more likely to see why they should Like your page.

Great content

This should really be at the top of your list.  If you are producing good and engaging content people will want to join your page.  Think hard about what will appeal to your target market and be creative.  Don’t be tempted just to copy everyone else.  Once you’ve decided what it is you will do on Facebook tell people, tell them what the advantage is of joining your page.  For me it’s that I share useful hints and tips on using social media for business, what’s yours?

Fan only offers

Do you have something special that you can offer to just your Facebook Likes?  Something that would be worth clicking that Like button for?  If you’re a retailer it could be first look at new products, exclusive products or a discount store.  If you’re a consultant an e-book, a free consultation.  Make sure what your offering is unique to Facebook, if you try and pull the wool over people’s eyes the will find out!

Email signatures and printed matter

Finally, one of the most simple things you can do and one of the things that so many people overlook.  Include links to your social media pages in your email signature, on your business cards and on flyers and other printed matter.

Do you have any hot tips for getting more Likes?  Anything obvious that I’ve missed?


If you are still trying to get your head around the new Timeline for Facebook business pages here’s some quick tips.  This week i show you:

1. How to pin a post at  the top of your Timeline, a great way to feature a promotion or offer.

2. How to feature a  post so that it spans the full width of your Timeline.

3. How to reposition an image so that the best bit displays on your Timeline preview.

If you have any questions about Timeline leave them below and I’ll endeavour to answer them in the future.

Still Facebook’s new business pages dominate my feeds, however there’s been an abundance of interesting and amusing stories this week.  Last week I brought news of the big Simply Zesty acquisition, this week it looks like Mashable is being scooped up too.  There’s concern about Twitter data being released to the authorities in NYC, a fascinating article from an ex-Google employee and something to get you in the mood for St. Patrick’s day.

Mashable acquired by CNN?

I’ve always been a massive fan of Mashable, it is THE social media blog to read and even though I may have whinged about a fall in quality of posts over the last year or so it’s still a fantastic resource.  It was when this news broke that I discovered that Pete Cashmore, the man behind Mashable was a born and bred Scot.  Looks like the celtic nations are leading the way in social media blogging!  Read more about the alleged acquisition here.

Twitter Data & Occupy Wall Street

One of the greatest achievements of Twitter has been bringing together people and telling the story of revolutions.  Much of the Arab Spring has been reported via Twitter and other social networks and it’s one of the things we boast about.  However the rise of the Occupy movement has begged the question about whether our own (or US) authorities are happy with these freedoms. Not for the first time Twitter has been subpoenaed to release data about some Occupy Wall Street protesters.  It’s also a stark reminder that we are never anonymous on the Internet, comments can always be traced back to us.  More here on Read Write Web.

Will Google+ be the undoing of Google?

I’m still a fence sitter as far as Google+ goes.  However I do believe (maybe wrongly) that the network was set up as a Facebook killer.  In my head it isn’t a rival to Facebook, it’s another social network, a wonderfully constructed tool but it lacks activity.  Even when Facebook users annoyed by yet another change threatened to leave for Google+ en masse it didn’t happen.  What is frightening is that Google seem to be banking everything on G+, they are changing their search algorithms to make them more social, although this really means to prioritise G+ results, in fact everything they do now seems connected to the social network.  Google do one thing wonderfully, better than anyone else and that is search, Google is the best search engine in the world and it’s my worry that Google+ could ruin this.  It’s always good to know there’s someone out there with the same opinion and that’s why I found this article by ex- Google employee James Whittaker fascinating. Definitely worth a read.

What we like and don’t like on Twitter

I love this crowd sourced post from Sian Phillips on Tweak Your Biz (formerly Bloggertone). She has collected tips directly from Twitter users who tell us what they do and don’t like.  Two of my favourites are :

@elainerogers I dislike when people mistake lack of rapport for disagreement, and immediately react negatively


@ballymountaccs Like the immediate reaction to a question, comment or conversation

This really is everything you need to know about Timeline for Business pages

Mari Smith has to be the undisputed queen of Facebook.  And this wonderfully helpful article means she’s in no danger of loosing her crown.  Full of brilliant easy to follow information, when I shared this on my Facebook page people were asking why Facebook couldn’t explain it this well!

10 must have WordPress Plugins

From Jeff Bullas’s blog this is an up to date list of great WordPress plugins.  Some of them I’m not mad about, the ‘Hello Bar’ for example, I’m not sure if it’s a knew jerk reaction but I wouldn’t want something that ugly at the top of my website, and ‘Sexy Bookmarks’ refuses to work with many templates. However there are some brilliant ones, I’m not sure how I lived without All in One SEO and W3 Total Cache is a must have now that Google seems to place importance on page load speed.

Social media and the Irish language

Because it’s nearly St Patrick’s day, I’m giving you two links for my final story.  The first from The Sociable looks at how Irish is being used in social media.  An interview with Niamh O’Sullivan, projects executive  with Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge discusses how people are using it and how the Irish language can be promoted via Facebook, Twitter etc.

And finally here’s a short video from Star Translation Services that tells you how to ask for a pint in Irish this St. Patrick’s Day.  Hopefully the bar man will understand you!

And from this week

We’ve been away on holiday so just one blog post for you this week.  I’m working on a mammoth post on how to get more Likes on Facebook but you’ll have to wait a little longer for that!

Beat Facebookers Block with Post Planner (But I didn’t try, here’s why)

Would you be happy giving your credit card details to a Facebook app?  I wasn’t but was disappointed as it looked like such a handy tool. Read more here.

This weeks cool tool could prove to be a bit controversial.  Post Planner is an application for Facebook that helps you think of things to post.  One of the biggest time sucks when managing Facebook pages can be deciding what to post today.  I use several methods to combat this, I have a schedule and a list of content, I bookmark interesting links, I write down ideas that pop into my head during the day and I’m always looking for something new and creative.  However, like everyone else I get brain freeze from time to time and this is when I could see Post Planner coming in handy.

Once you authorise the app to Facebook (and it looks for a lot of permissions) a click on the light bulb icon will throw up a number of suggestions for posts.  Unfortunately the free version teases you with question suggestions but if you try and activate them you are asked to sign up for the free trial.  However when you click through to sign up for the trial it looks for credit card details to activate it. This really put me off, maybe I’m an old fuddy duddy but I’m still not ready to trust my credit card to a company I stumbled on through a Google search that has pretty comprehensive access to my Facebook profile.  Sacrificing the Facebook data and my credit card info at the same time was a step further than I was willing to go.   If you sign up for the free trial there’s lots more cool stuff you can have access to, including ‘fill the blank’ updates ‘ask for likes’ updates and posting to your Facebook page rather than just your profile, they have a huge database of ideas for you to tap into, all of them aimed at getting more interaction.  Tempting as it is I’m still not ready to hand them my credit card info.

For free and without the trial there is one useful feature and that’s the ability to schedule updates.  Yes there are tools such as Hootusite that allow me to do this as well but the beauty of doing it through Post Planner is that you don’t need to leave Facebook.  As a free user I can only schedule updates to my personal profile page but I can see that pairing the posting ideas with a scheduling function could yield great results, particularly if you want to target users in a different timezone.

I’d love to try the full functioning app or to hear from anyone who has done the trial.  What do you think?  Would a Facebook app with access to your profile information scare you off giving credit card information or am I being overly cautious?

My news feed has been totally overcome with Timeline this week.  And of course it’s only to be expected.  I think I’ve only managed one non-timeline related piece of content myself.  I’m not going to ignore it entirely this week but there have been other things happening.  So here are my top seven reads this week, there’s news from Google, a great post about images and I’ve even found a couple of tips on using Google+.

If there’s a story you think I should have included do leave your links below.  I might squeeze it in to next weeks roundup.

Irish social media agency Simply Zesty acquired by UTV

Fantastic news for Simply Zesty this week as it was acquired by UTV.  It’s been great to see an Irish business grow so quickly and do so well, I’ve always been a fan of their blog and have been entertained by both Niall and Lauren’s tweets.  It seems hard to believe they’ve only been around since 2009.  They’ve definitely been a shining light in the social media world both here in Ireland and overseas.  So a massive congratulations to all, I’ll look forward to seeing the business evolve.  Here’s how they announced it on their blog.

Google launch ‘Google Play’

Google Play looks like a lot of fun, it makes sense, it’s clever.  What is it?  It takes all your music, movies, e-books & apps and stores them in the cloud, this isn’t particularly new but what makes it brilliant is that it stores information about them, it will bookmark your ebook so that even if you pick it up on a different device it will know exactly what page you were on, like Netfilx it will store how far through a movie you are and play it directly from the point you last viewed it from.  This could be a killer application that will push those who are ready to make the jump from iPhone/iPad over to Android devices.

Most of all, the video they created to promote it is brilliant.  Find out more, and see the video here.

Change the name of your Facebook page

Great news!  I’ve encountered many companies that have wanted to change the name of their Facebook page.  Some set up a page with a geographical location in the name and then changed location, others specified a year.  Until now pages with over 100 Likes were not able to change that name.  The only solution was to start from scratch with a new page.

Now it seems Facebook will let you change the name.  Here’s how to do it via the Imactiv8 blog.  It’s also worth taking a look at the new Facebook page guidelines that tell you what page names are eligable to be changed.

Web graphics, images & conversions

Whether we like it or not Images are more powerful than words, they attract attention and can tell a story instantly.  Images in blog posts and on web sites are essential but do they work for you?  Is a pretty website going to encourage more customers? I found this article fascinating, not only does it talk about how beautiful websites can simply not work but it also has good traditional advice about positioning images and even tips including how captions below pictures get more readers than the main body of text.

Google+ pros & cons for small business

If you are a reader of this blog you will know that I have been sitting on the fence about Google+ since it was launched.  Yes it’s a beautifully put together social network, it’s intuitive and uncomplicated, it takes the best parts of Facebook and Twitter and merges them but will it ever get enough interaction to really take off?  Since it’s inception there has been talk of it failing, it seems there are some people out there just waiting for it to fail so they can say ‘told you so!’.  However as reports come in of the slump of interaction on the network it’s worth taking another look at why we should (or should not) be using it.  And that’s exactly what this article from Viral Blog does.  Worth a read if just to re-asses your presence there.

How to verify your Google+ page

If the last link has persuaded you to stay on Google+ you might find this video useful.  Apparently using this process to link your G+ page and your website will help your website rank on Google.  It’s on my todo list for this week!

Not forgetting Timeline!

I’m not going to totally ignore Timeline, in fact if you scroll down you’ll find three links from me about it.  If you’re still wondering if you should make the change to Timeline business pages but don’t know where to start this article from Christina at CG Online Marketing will help you get started.

And from this week

If you’re in preview mode or simply taken the big step and converted to Timeline on your business page here’s my video tutorial on changing your featured tabs and how to change the images that accompany them.

I also wrote a post on the demise of the welcome tab on new Timeline pages for Bloggertone.  Is customisation a thing of the past?

Timeline is very image heavy, there’s a cover photo, an avatar, custom images for tabs.  I’ve collected all the info on these different types of image and included them in a blog post.  I’ve also added three free tools that can help you create great images to use on Timeline.

And finally… nothing to do with timeline.  This Monday’s cool tool is an application that helps you hide specific #tags or people from our feeds! Great way to hide Britain’s Got Talent or the Euro Soccer Championship.