Last week I was out of the office a lot, trying to manage a business page from your mobile phone is a challenge.  There are only certain kinds of posts that work. You can’t see your notifications… and more.  I discovered I was not alone when I asked people on my Facebook page if they were also frustrated. With 44% of Facebook users accessing the site via mobile it surprises me that the iPhone and Android apps are still lacking in features.  The good news is that Facebook have just launched an iPhone app ‘Facebook Page Manager’.  As yet it’s not available on Android in Ireland but it is on the way.

Here’s a quick look at the features

At first look it doesn’t seem that different from the full Facebook application.  You can still only write a status update or add a photo.  If you click on the three lines on the top right hand side it brings you into a list of the pages that you manage.  The active page shows at the top with options to look at insights or admins.  Clicking on ‘insights’ gives you a snapshot of your page engagement, choosing ‘admins’ just shows you who the admins are.

On the page itself you can see notifications and any new ‘Likers’.  You can also filter posts and view hidden posts (posts that Facebook may have marked as spam)

As with the full Facebook mobile app you can comment and like posts.  Swiping your finger accross a post gives you the option to delete it, or if it’s a post from another user you can choose to hide the post or ban the user.

There’s plenty missing from this app, it would be nice to see it expand to give page managers full functionality but it’s a good start.

Do you find the Facebook mobile experience restricting?  What feature would you most like them to add?