There is a new phenomenon, the social media hangover. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks they are really clever when they have had a couple of drinks. There is something really amusing that I simply must post yet the next morning I’ll wake up wondering if I’ve Tweeted something in-appropriate.  This weeks cool tool is here to help.

Sobriety test is a mobile app and a browser extension that once set up challenges you to prove you are not drunk before posting.

Here is how the browser extension works (we installed on Firefox).

Go to the Sobriety Test website

Click on the big circle button to reveal the web app

Click the ‘install now’ button

Choose the services you want to block when you have had a couple of drinks – you can even add your own website choices so if you are known for posting drunk to

Choose a time that you want to block these services when drunk – unfortunately there is no day setting only time setting

Log in with Facebook and give permissions

Now when you try and access any of the sites you have chosen you will need to complete a challenge before you can access them, mine was to count to 30 seconds.

If you are just distracted and not drunk there is a get out clause – ‘I’m not drunk get out of my way’ appears when you fail a challenge.

I’m thinking that it’s too easy to circumvent the system and it won’t totally block me from using social networks.  I would prefer if I could set it up on the nights I know I will be having a couple of drinks to totally prevent me from posting.  What do you think?  Would you use this app or do you think it’s too easy to work around?