Not long ago I was trawling the Internet to find a tool that would show me which of my tweets was shared the most.  There are a few out there.  Crowdbooster shows you the reach of your tweets, sometimes shows you all the shares of a link you have shortened using their service, but only sometimes.  This weeks cool tool seems to be the solution.  MyTopTweet lists the most RT’d tweets from your account or any other Twitter account you ask it about.

Here’s how it works

– Visit

– Sign in with Twitter, check that you are happy with the permissions you are giving the app

– You can check the top tweet from any account not just your own making it a great stalker tool – just type the username in to the box including the ‘@’

– Click ‘find top tweet’

– After a couple of minutes it will show you not only your top tweet (measured by the number of RT’s) but a list of your top tweets.

Mine was a tip that I shared from the Social Media World Forum earlier this year. What was yours?