**Update 22nd April 2016 – Facebook recently changed their maps, they are now far more accessible and even the weird addresses in Ireland can be found. I created an updated post here**

I’m asked quite often how to add maps to a Facebook page. With the launch of Facebook graph search It’s going to become more important for local businesses to have a map and address accurately displayed on their Facebook pages.

For a lot of businesses this can be a struggle, particularly in Ireland where outside Dublin we don’t have post or zip codes.  Getting the Facebook map to recognise an address at all can be an issue.  Here’s one tip to help you to force Facebook to recognise your address, and a couple of other solutions for adding additional maps to your page.

Be aware that although the third party apps I recommend may add a map to your Facebook page they appear on a tab and even though the ShortStack option will give you a mobile link, unless you display this prominently on your newsfeed mobile users won’t be able to access the tab.

1. Force Facebook To Recognise Your Address

Because Ireland doesn’t have post codes and because many addresses here can be spelled in various ways it can be hard to get Facebook and Bing maps to recongise our locations.  I have experienced this problem frequently but I think at last I’ve found a work around.

1. Go to Bing maps

2. Find your location on Bing maps and find out how it is spelled there. If your street isn’t listed choose a street name nearby. For example my correct address is ‘Coneyboro’ but Bing Maps recognises ‘Carlow Road’

3. Log in to your Facebook page

4. Click on ‘edit page’ and then choose ‘update info’ from the drop down menu

5. In basic information input the street address you found on Bing

6. Add your town or city – You will know that Facebook has recognised your town if after you have inputted it it goes blue, it may have added some additional info, for example the country you live in.  In the example below I just typed ‘Athy’ and it added ‘Ireland’ all by itself.

7. Click on ‘Save changes’.  If Facebook accepts your address it will offer you a map with a pin in it.  If it doesn’t fall in the right place you can pick it up and move it to mark your location more accurately.


8. And here’s the trick – If you had to change your street address to get Facebook to give you the map you can now change it back to the real one without effecting the map.  I did this this morning and Facebook is still serving the map.


2. Add a contact page with ShortStack

Adding an additional tab is not an alternative to having a Facebook map but it does have some advantages. Many users, myself included may use Google maps to find their way around, by having one on your page people are able to find your location on Google maps easily and even work out their route. ShortStack app (affiliate) has some great off the shelf contact pages that allow you to add a Google map.  You can also add lots of additional information about your business including photos, menus, services and even a contact form.  See the example below from Robert Redmond Studio’s, Athy.


3. Google Map Tab

I reviewed Google Map Tab last year on this blog as a Cool Tool. You can read my review here.  Although it works for most people it does seem that others have been finding it glitchy.  I much prefer the ShortStack option as you can brand it more effectively. However this does exactly what it says on the tin and is easy to install.



If you absolutely can’t get Facebook maps to work and have to fall back on one of the other alternatives there is one way to display your map on your page that will ensure mobile users can see it.  It’s not perfect but it works.  You can screen grab a Google map with your location marked on it and make it your cover photo.  If you do this you must attribute the image to Google Maps more here.

If you need assistance with your local business Facebook page I can help. Get in touch to find out more.

photo credit: Calsidyrose via photopin cc

  • Sharon

    Apologies in advance for a really silly question but what if you operate from multiple venues within a local area – I run sports classes in 15 hired venues, for example. Can I input more than one address?

  • Hi Sharon, There is such a thing as a global page but I’m not sure it’s available to all at the moment. Currently you can only add one location to a map.

  • Dave

    Thank you for you tips and tricks here. I have been trying my hardest to get the map to display on a business page I’m working on. I’ve been trying to figure it out for several days and this is the first resource I’ve found that actually answered my question and helped me fix my issue. Thank you!

  • Isabel Salvador Sastre

    i follow your instruction but still i can put the google map in our business account.

  • ismail


  • Don

    Thanks – much appreciated – got a bing map and info into our page – hope it stays there! The provided location pin was a long way off and I found that it was necessary to move it in 3 steps, saving between each move. One long move was ignored.

  • Mukunth R

    This is helpful. I can successfully created a map but i cannot have the ‘contact info’ in right pane. need help

  • Sandeep

    Hi, I have changed the my address but no map shows up at all – what should I do?

  • Pagewise Social Media

    Thanks for that, I was trying to get Facebook to recognise my address in order to get the “Reviews” box on my page. I found I had to zoom out and pick an address almost 3 miles away in order to be recognised, even though my address is visible on Bing, but not searchable. Bing really is appalling!

  • Finally I got it to work, FB recognizes my address thanks to your thorough instructions! Thank you so much!
    Hope you will have a wonderful Christmas!

    All the best,

  • Delighted you got it sorted Therese 🙂

  • Sammie

    Brilliant – thanks for the tip, I have finally fixed this! Sammie x

  • Isaac Simon

    What if I want to display multiple locations on one business place page? Is that possible?

  • Not currently.

  • Is the Google App dead? When I try to access it on Facebook, I get a server refused connection message. A few other people on Facebook have commented on the same error.