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This week I’ve chosen a post full of great tips for using the hottest new social media tool ‘Vine’,  the truth about Facebook graph search and the privacy implications, an interesting report on what happened when one brand doubled their Twitter activity and more. Have a great weekend.

10 Ways Brands Can Use Vine

It’s been over a week now and Vine still seems to be the most talked about social networking tool since Pinterest.  Today I finally got time to download it and have a play and I’m totally sold on it.  It’s easy to use, a fantastic storytelling tool and totally addictive.  Having said that I’ve not made one I’m willing to share yet. I’m setting myself that task for the weekend.

What is Vine?  It’s a Twitter owned video app for iOS devices that allows you to shoot 6 second videos.  You record by holding your finger on the screen.  When you take your finger off the screen the film pauses so it’s dead easy to clip a bunch of shots together.  I’ve seen some really great and some really poor examples so far but am totally inspired to make a few myself.  Of course being a marketer my thoughts almost immediately turn to how we can use this new tool to sell our businesses.  Here’s a good list of suggestions from Steve Waddington on the Two Way Street blog.

A Marketers Defense Of Facebook Edgerank

Months after the Facebook edgerank change that saw page reach drop small businesses are still reeling.  Many believe that the new algorithm is a cynical move by Facebook to force us to pay for advertising, others think that regular users now have a better experience because of the changes. This interesting piece from PostRocket takes another tack suggesting that this could actually be a positive change for business pages, it’s quite a compelling argument too.

What Happens When You Double Your Tweeting Frequency?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you tweeted more frequently? Would you get more traffic to your website or would it be overkill?  Steve Shattuck decided to find out and here are the results. It looks like the effort may have been worth it too. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to up my tweeting just yet but it is encouraging to know that spending extra time can reap results.

How To Protect Your Privacy From Facebook’s Graph Search

There have been multiple memes doing the rounds since the announcement of Facebook graph search about it’s privacy implications.  As usual most of those cut and pasted and shared on Facebook are ineffectual or just pure popycock. Luckily someone has taken the time to look into it thoroughly and this blog post takes you through the reality behind your privacy settings. It’s worth a read even if you are not concerned about graph search.

3 Ways To Encourage Facebook Check-Ins

I still don’t have graph search, I’m dying to get my hands on it and see what it can do but I guess Facebook have decided to keep me in suspense a bit longer.  One thing that has become apparent is that if you are a local business ‘check-ins’ are becoming important again.  The more check-ins you get on your page the higher it will rise in the search (of course I need to test this myself to be sure).  So how can you encourage more check-ins? This post has some good ideas, worth a read if you run a page for a local retailer, coffee shop or restauranteur.

What Does It Take To Make Content All The Time?

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a post form Chris Brogan.  I’d highly recommend following his blog for lots of great inspiration and ideas. What I like about this post is it addresses all those questions we like to ask.  I know people ask me where I find the time to create all the content I do, where I get my ideas from and these are common questions that are addressed to any blogger. Here Chris Brogan gives us some answers.  Oh and he’s also started using Vine.

3 Ways Sharpie Is Engaging Teens With Social Media

For those of you who aren’t aware of the Sharpie brand, they are markers or felt pens popular in the States but you can buy them in Europe too.  They have in the past been extremely clever with their social media.  This case study from the Social Media Examiner blog looks at how they have been capturing the teen market.  If your target market includes teens it’s a must read but it’s also a good reminder that each target market requires specific attention.  There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ for social media.

And From This Week

Seen A Font And Want To Match It – This Week’s Cool Tool Can Help

I’m a bit of a sucker for fonts, I’m always envious of the pretty ones that pop up on people’s websites.  Although something fancy might not suit my branding I like to have a good selection for when I’m working on graphics for clients. This weeks cool tool WhatTheFont helps you identify fonts by uploading a screen grab or image displaying it.  Here’s more.

How To Log Out Of Facebook Remotely

It’s a really easy mistake to make. You access the internet via a public computer, take a quick look at your Facebook page and then forget to log out.  The next person to access that computer then can get straight in to your account.  The good news is that Facebook allows you to log out form Facebook sessions no matter what device you access it from.  It’s a lot easier than it sounds, here’s a quick video and a few screen grabs that show you how.

How To Add Maps To Your Facebook Page

I’m going to mention graph search again! Up until now it’s been just a frustration that some local business pages have had issues adding a map to their page but with the introduction of graph search it has become essential to be able to get it right.  The problem has been that Facebook doesn’t recognise many addresses, particularly Irish ones as we don’t have postcodes.  I had a play around this week and think I have finally found a work around.  So here’s the secret that I discovered and a couple of alternatives.

Interview With Beatrice Whelan – Social Media & Content Specialist At Sage Ireland

And Finally… I was asked to interview my friend and Blog Awards Ireland Beatrice Whelan for TweakYourBiz TV about her role as Social Media & Content Specialist at Sage Ireland.  She’s full of great tips about B2B marketing, monitoring and more.  You can read the highlights here.

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