There was some great news last week for Facebook page owners.  The rules for cover photos for pages have changed.  We used to be prevented from adding contact info, calls to action and discount info to our covers, now anything goes EXCEPT the 20% rule.  We are still only allowed to devote 20% of our cover photo to text.  This weeks cool tool will help you know you are compliant.

Here’s how it works:


  • Click ‘Load Cover Photo’


  •  Once the image is loaded click on all the boxes including text
  • As you can see Mari’s page only contains 16% text so it’s compliant.


This tool is going to be very handy, now that we can add more info to our covers we can really exploit the 20% that Facebook does allow.  I’m going to enjoy playing around with this tool for my next cover.

**UPDATE: Since I wrote this post Mari Smith has written a more comprehensive review on her blog – Read it here**

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