It’s Easter weekend and we’re having a cold one here in Ireland. If like us you have a long weekend, take some time to put your feet up and read my top links of the week.

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

Yes I know most of you have probably already set up a Facebook business page and are well versed in how to. It is sometimes worth going back to basics though and this post from Social Media Examiner does just that. It’s a step by step guide to setting up your page, taking into account all the new features. It’s a great one to pass on to someone you know who is just starting out.

The 5 Types Of Social Media Complainers

People live in fear of the complainers, people who arrive on their social media channels to complain or have a good rant. We shouldn’t fear them however, these are mostly customers who can teach us about our business and particularly what we don’t do well. We have the opportunity through social media to address complaints and customers, to turn them around and showcase our customer service. This infographic discovered via All Twitter breaks down the different sort of complainers you may encounter and shows you how you can deal with them.


The Wave System – How To Get Your Facebook Page Updates Seen By More People

Since Facebook changed their Edgerank algorithm towards the end of last year page owners have been up in arms about the reach of their posts. There are a few cheats and quick fixes for some areas but the system described here on pro blogger will take far more work.  The benefit will be huge however. I’m not sure I’m ready to run a campaign like this but it’s something I’ll definitely try at some stage.

How To Be A World Class Real Time Marketer

This is a term that seems to have really taken off since the Superbowl. During the event there was a massive power cut and several brands, Oreo most prominently responded by pushing out complimentary content.  Since then hardly a day goes by without someone talking about Real Time Marketing or Newsjacking.  As this article points out Newsjacking and Real Time Marketing are two different things but both are indicative of the new power of social media on marketing.  Social media gives us the opportunity to respond instantly in a way that not even radio or TV can. Here’s Hubspot’s take on RTM and how to use it.

Vine And The RTE Archive

RTE is the national broadcaster here in Ireland. As we all sit at home shivering or roam the streets taking photos of the freak snowstorms we’ve had over the last week they cut together this Vine showing us what the weather should be like, what it was like this week in 1965. I love how they’ve used Vine to tell this story.

5 Ways To Proactively Engage As A Brand

It’s not just enough to create content and push it out via social media anymore. We need to be proactive and engage with our customers. Many of us forget about the ‘social’ in social media when in fact it’s that aspect that can make us most successful. Our content needs to be engaging, we need to listen and respond, we need to know our customers and thanks to social media we can do this better than ever before. This article on Social Media Today talks you through five of the best ways to proactively engage.

Fake Tweets & The Ethics

I stumbled upon this tool myself on Twitter last week, it helps you easily create fake tweets enabling you to create screenshots that look 100% authentic from any user you wish saying whatever you wish. Of course there are massive ethical issues with a tool like this so I decided to step away as soon as I’d found it.  I really like what Brian Solis has done with it, drawing our attention to it’s existence and asking what this tool and tools like it can mean for social media.

And From This Week

Does your Facebook cover photo comply with the 20% rule?

Facebook have just updated their cover image rules. We can now post calls to action, contact details and offers on our images. The only rule that stays is the 20% text rule which Facebook claim they are going to enforce more strictly.  But how do you know if your image complies? This weeks cool tool helps you work it out. It’s really simple to use and gives you an instant result.

How to add the right category to your Facebook business page

Up until now it’s been really hard to categorise business pages on Facebook, they give us such a small selection to choose from that it can be quite frustrating finding one that comes near to your business type.  Luckily there is a fix, you can add sub categories and there’s one for almost everyone. This weeks one minute video shows you how.

That’s it from me for another week. Have a great Easter and if you are as much of a chocolate addict as me… enjoy!

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