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This weekends roundup of cool links includes 20 apps to help you mess around with your photos, some of which I’m using already, how to make your pins go viral and some blogging, Twitter and Facebook tips.

2 Keys to Writing a Great First Paragraph For Every Blog Post You Ever Write

Marcus from the Sales Lion has been popping up in my feeds quite a lot this week. He has a pretty inspirational blogging story, when his Swimming Pool Business started blogging it saved them. I’m not mad about templates for blogging but they can sometimes help you over that bump of bloggers block. That’s why I’ve included this link in this weeks roundup.  Writing that first paragraph can often be the hardest bit, when you have it done very often the rest falls into place.

How A Picture of Kale Went Viral On Pinterest

If you are not familiar with Kale it’s a green vegetable similar to spinach, not the most likely of things to go viral anywhere. It did however manage to get shared 451 on Pinterest resulting in 1,936 clicks to a website. If it can be done with Kale it can be done with anything. This post and Infographic shows you how they did it and is packed with tips for helping you get more shares on Pinterest too.

50 Excellent iPhone Apps For Photography

I’ve been doing a picture of the day Tumblr this year and as the days pass I’m looking for new and interesting apps to create more interesting images. I found this article whilst searching for an app that would make a chalk drawing from an image and have started playing with a few of them already. So far ColorSplash is my favourite. It allows you to highlight a portion of a photo in colour whilst leaving the rest black and white.

Although this is highlighting iPhone apps I’m sure many of them are available or there are good alternatives for Android users.

5 Of The Best Social Media Campaigns 2012

I like to look at what big businesses with big budgets do with social media to inspire me, my clients may not have the budget but great ideas can spark other great ideas that will translate to smaller budgets.  That’s why I am always interested to read posts like this one that show some of the most creative recent campaigns. For me Prometheus had to be one of the best campaigns I’ve seen. Some of it was a bit hit and miss – the TV ad trailer followed by a Tweet stream didn’t really live up to the hype – but the clever things they did with teaser trailers and on Linkedin really caught my imagination. For more stuff go get your creative juices flowing read this on Social Media Today.

How to Optimise Images For Your Facebook Page

Even though images don’t have the biggest organic reach on the Facebook newsfeed anymore they are still the type of content that gets the most interaction. I love this Infographic from PostRocket that shows how you can optimise your images.



9 Twitter Tips & Tricks

I see a lot of posts full of Twitter tips but this one is really useful.  It’s not your standard stuff but more focused on information that the average user might not know. In fact in includes lots of stuff I share on my courses so it must be good! Definitely worth a look how ever experienced a tweep you are. I’ve seen many a social media aficionado make some of the mistakes that reading it could have prevented 🙂

3 Awesome Ways To Identify Your Biggest Fans & Collect Customer Testimonials

I am a big believer that social media sites are just a set of tools that facilitate word of mouth marketing. Much of this happens away from our pages. Our page likers, our followers etc may recommend our products and services by sharing our content or by becoming more familiar with us and what we do. Of course we can amplify this by collecting good, believable testimonials from our happiest customers.  This post from unbounce looks at how we can approach getting testimonials both on and offline.

And From this week

The Importance Of Conversation – Part 1 – Blogging & Facebook

Due to the bank holiday it’s been pretty quiet here at HQ. However I did write one mammoth blog post… so mammoth in fact hat it had to be split into two halves. Here’s part one.

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