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This weeks pick of social media reads includes a deep dive into the new Facebook insights, how to get more from Google analytics and a list of banned hashtags on Instagram.

How to Use the New Facebook Insights

Have you taken a look at the new Facebook Insights yet? I’m a big fan, there is lots of really useful, really well laid out data that tells you far more about how people interact with your page. For me the ability to discover what is potentially the best time to post is a big winner. Here’s a very comprehensive post, covering all the new features from Jon Loomer on Social Media Examiner.

7 Benefits of Monitoring Social Engagement on Google Plus

I really do like Google+, I don’t spend enough time there but it’s still a great network and interface. The search is wonderful too. I’ve found lots of amazing content there that I would have otherwise missed.

This article on Social Media Today shows you how you can find mentions of your articles on Google+. The advantage of this is not only that you can find out who is sharing your articles but you can find people who comment or +1 it. Maybe new readers that you can connect with.

The Banned #Hashtags of Instagram

Did you know that some hashtags on Instagram aren’t searchable? Search #catsofinstagram and you will find lots of adorable pictures of cats. Search #photography and you will get “No tags found”. The Data Pack have put together an incomplete and unofficial list of unsearchable hash tags. Be warned there are lots of offensive terms in there and a few surprises. Alongside #photography, #iPhone and #Instagram are in the mix.

5 Tips to Enhance Facebook Graph Search Ranking

I finally have Graph Search – I’m still playing with it to understand all it’s features but one thing is for sure, it’s a massive improvement on the previous search. There’s lots of options and I can finally filter my results. So far I have had most fun searching for my ex-boyfriends, I’m sure this is what most people do!

Aside from the personal uses of Graph Search it is hugely important for business and if you haven’t yet optimised your page don’t put it off any longer. This excellent post from Socially Stacked shows you how.

8 Tips For Managing A Social Media Crisis

It’s the worst case scenario for any business. Something happens or something goes wrong and before you know it the story is all over social media. However if you catch it in time the damage can be minimised, you can even turn the bad story around. This Infographic takes you through what to do in advance, during and after a crisis hits.

Understanding Google Analytics: A Simple Guide to Advanced Terms

If you use Google Analytics you may not be getting the most out of it. Most people, myself included, tend to log in look at a few headline statistics and leave. This excellent post from Razor Social takes you through some metrics you should check out. This is one I really do need to sit down with over the weekend.

What Happens In One Second On The Internet?

This is a bit of fun and is bound to entertain you for a few minutes. Every Second On The Internet is an interactive Infographic that shows you exactly what happens every second online. If you are brave enough click ’email’ at the end.

And From Spiderworking.com This Week

Facebook Competition Rule Changes – What You Need To Know

Facebook surprised us all on Tuesday night by announcing that they had relaxed the rules on Facebook competitions. This is good news for small businesses. Here’s everything you need to know including what the changes are, ideas for competitions to run and why you should still consider an app.

Add Instagram To Your Facebook Page With Statigram – Cool Tool

This weeks cool tool, Statigram, shows you how to showcase your Instagram photos on your Facebook business page.

New Website

After about a year of a holding page and a blog I’ve finally added more information to the website. You can now see exactly what I do as well as read the blog. Of course the competitions page will now need updating!

Online Training Courses Announced

We’ve just released the autumn schedule for our online training courses over on our sister site We Teach Social. Courses include Facebook For Business, How to Convert Your Blogger or WordPress.com blog to your own WordPress website, Twitter for business and lots lots more. See the full lists of courses here.

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  • ISLEmagazine

    Great to know about all these update etc. The # rules on instagram is certainly interesting – photography? odd

  • Thanks yes, Photography is a surprise but I guess it would be almost useless, it doesn’t really classify what you are doing as surely all Instagram is photography 🙂