photo credit: morberg via photopin cc
photo credit: morberg via photopin cc

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to put together a Social 7 roundup for you but it’s Winter now, the Blog Awards are done and dusted for another year and as a consequence I have more time to blog.

This week I have some good Facebook tips, some ways to measure your social media efforts, an interesting case study of a consumer brand using Linkedin effectively and some fun stuff too.

4 Social Analytics Tips to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

I’m reading a whole lot of stuff about Facebook marketing at the moment. Mostly because I’m in the middle of teaching the We Teach Social Advanced Facebook course. I’m always looking for extra snippets of cool info that I can slot in.

This post from Social Media Examiner isn’t just about Facebook but it’s a great resource for those of you who are looking to be more effective with your social media marketing.

It includes information on how to find the best time of day to post, how to find out the best post frequency and how to track click throughs to your website on Google analytics. It’s really worth a read and it’s one you will want to bookmark too.

Are You IN? L’Oréal Celebrates Unique Qualities of Its LinkedIn Community

This is an interesting campaign from L’Oréal who are using Linkedin as a platform to engage with potential employees. They haven’t just put a job listing up they have done something far more creative. They have launched a site where users can log in with their Linkedin profile and create an IN moment, choose an ‘IN’ word, for example INspiration, INnovation and express how it relates to you. It’s a really clever use of Linkedin. Read more here on the Convince & Convert blog.

How To Get A Shit Load Of Retweets And Why Twitter Will Eat Itself

Niall Harbison was one of the two brains behind Simply Zesty, he moved on earlier this year to a new business but you can’t stop him blogging. This post from his LovinTrends site is a bit of a rant but right on the button. You may have noticed that Twitter is now automatically showing images in the newsfeed now. The first thing many marketers did was suggest we should all be adding images to our posts to attract attention. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, surely people will just look at the picture and not the link? Or maybe we’ll end up getting those horrible memes shoved into our newsfeeds. It seems Niall isn’t enamored with the idea either.

Twitter Topic Popularity Match-Up: Miley VS. Syria, Bieber VS. Horse Meat, More

I know there is nothing we can do about this, the truth is that people do care about celebrities rather than current affairs, I still find it quite upsetting. At least Syria does make it on to the list I guess.


11 Ways to Promote Your Brand or Product Through Vine

I’m a huge fan of the six second video app Vine, the first time I used it I was sold on it. I also use it as a teaching tool for those who are interested in using online video and we always get some great videos.

I wrote about Vine marketing recently too. This article from Social Media Today should be a bit of inspiration for using it as a promotional tool. I particularly like the Gorilla in the Urban Outfitters example.

Disillusioned with Facebook: Here’s a Way Forward

There are a lot of disillusioned people out there and I can see why. Facebook marketing used to be so much easier. I remember when I started out I was the only person I knew who had a page, these days almost every business has some kind of presence. The truth is the space is just far more competitive now and we need to be cleverer and spend more time on Facebook if we are going to be successful. Do it right and you will connect with customers and get results. This great post from ProBlogger shows how they have changed their strategy on one of their pages, it’s a great read.

Quiz – How Millennial Are You?

A bit of fun for you now. The Millennial generation, also known as Generation Y are the people who have grown up in the age of technology. Those who don’t remember a world pre mobile phone, pre world wide web. I often refer to myself as almost fitting the Millennial generation, my age eliminates me by I felt my attitude kinda fitted in. This test proved that I was in fact 60% Millennial and I was pretty chuffed with this until I asked my Facebook followers how they scored. Turns out I’m one of the least Millennial of all!. Give the test a go here and let me know how you score in the comments.

And From this week

I was at the Web Summit last week so I’ve been writing about that a lot. Here’s the posts I wrote about it:

A Brand Is More Than A Logo – Amanda Jobbins At #WebSummit

My notes on the brilliant branding talk from Amanda Jobbins from Sage.

3D Printing And The Vine Cafe – #WebSummit

Some of the cool stuff that was happening off the stage at The Summit

We Are Lucky To Be Living In The Age Of The Internet – Gary Vaynerchuk at #WebSummit

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of my social media heroes so I was delighted that he was going to be speaking at The Summit. Here’s some of the key points from his talk.

My Review of The Summit – Hurtling Towards Tomorrow’s World

I was inspired by The Summit, I also thought it offered me a peak into the future, here’s why.

And one non Web Summit related post:

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors On Facebook With HyperAlerts – Cool Tool

Here’s a very cool tool I found for monitoring your competitors pages on Facebook, it does seem a bit sneaky but the info is good.

That’s all from me this week. I’ll be back with more next week, have a great weekend.

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