photo credit: Kinchan1 via photopin cc
photo credit: Kinchan1 via photopin cc

This week I’ve been doing lots of research so there’s a mix of old and new links in my roundup. I’ve included some really clever uses of Instagram for tourism, the story of a business that had incredible success with a Facebook contest and some tips on blog commenting.

4 Creative Uses of Instagram in Destination Marketing

Instagram can be a fantastic business tool particularly if you have a very visual business. Tourism is about as visual as an industry can get. It is the beautiful pictures of beaches, local culture, people and landscapes that inspire us to travel.

This post from Social Media Today outlines four tourism marketing campaigns utilising Instagram. Philadelphia runs a curated Instagram account similar to the curated Twitter accounts that Ireland and other countries run. It’s a fantastic way to reach a wider audience and really share an authentic story about a place.

How to write a professional bio for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+

Writing a personal bio for social media channels can be one of the most challenging copywriting projects that you will have to undertake. Each time I’m asked to write a bio I change it, I find it’s worth revisiting my Linkedin and Twitter profiles on a regular basis to polish what I have written in the past.

This comprehensive post from The Next Web shares tips on writing your bio and takes you step by step through tailoring it for each network.

How A Brick-And-Mortar Brand On Facebook Got 1,362 Clicks, 862 Leads, 2,000+ Likes From Scratch In 11 Days

I love reading case studies and this one shared on All Facebook  really is a good news story. It shows how putting together a compelling Facebook competition can really reap results. It’s a good one to show to anyone who tries to tell you there is no ROI on social media.

How to Create a Social Media Posting Schedule

You may have read my post on content planning and downloaded my content schedule template but this one from the Constant Contact blog would compliment it perfectly. I really like the way that it breaks down the networks to how often you are going to post to each. It really gets in to the nitty gritty of deciding what you should be posting and when.

The Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words

Not a new post but a really handy one. There are specific words that when used in email headlines will result in your mails automatically being sent to the junk folder.

Here is  a giant list of spam trigger words and phrases compiled by industry. I find it a fascinating read. Who would have thought that ‘buy’, ‘home’ and ‘50% off’ would result in your email being marked as spam.

3 Blog Commenting Etiquette Tips

The subject of blog commenting came up again on this weeks #talkingsoc Twitter chat. It’s something I am determined to do more of in the future. If it’s on your agenda too these straight forward blog commenting etiquette tips are a good starting point.

How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Endorsements

I am often asked what the point of Linkedin Endorsements is. I tend to see them as a way of reminding people that you are there. Some of your connections may not check Linkedin very often but they will get a notification if you have endorsed them so it could be the spark that starts a new conversation.

What other beneifts are there? This post form Social Media Examiner shows you various ways that you can maximise your Linkedin Endorsements.

And From This Week

Manage Your To Do Lists And Projects With Trello – Cool Tool

This weeks cool tool Trello helps you create a detailed to do list and manage it across multiple projects, it also allows you to break those tasks down and assign items to others within your organisation.

It’s a great way to be able to see how tasks are progressing and is possibly the simplest project management tool that I have tried.

How To Add Social Media Bookmarklets To Your Browser

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve logged in to Facebook to post a link and before you know it you’ve totally forgotten why you’ve gone there. Those little red notification flags have drawn you in to a conversation and suddenly 10 minutes of your day have gone.

This weeks videocast shows you how to add browser extensions and social media bookmarklets to your browser so that you don’t have to visit your social sites in order to post.

7 Social Media Productivity Techniques & Tools I Use Every Day

One of the biggest barriers for small businesses embarking on social media marketing is the amount of time that it can take. It can be a struggle to keep the amount of time you spend on it down whilst still achieving results.

Here’s my tips on managing your social media productively and effectively and seven social media productivity techniques I use on a daily basis to keep me focussed.

That’s all from Spiderworking this week. I’ll be back next week to share storytelling and blogging tips.

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