photo credit: Niels_Olson via photopin cc
photo credit: Niels_Olson via photopin cc

For this weeks roundup I have found some handy blogging links, tips on using humour on social media and a couple of handy Facebook articles.

An 8-step process to writing blog posts that don’t suck

It can be fascinating to read about the creative process, particularly when the creativity relates to something that you do. This 8 step process to writing blog posts is a long but interesting read. Some of the issues that Mikael Cho outlines will be familiar to many bloggers. The scream as your brain tries to reject the writing process, the way ideas just start to come once you start writing and more.

This will be an inspirational post for some and aspirational for others.

13 Damn Good Ideas from 13 Dead Copywriters

We may not like to admit it but social media marketers have a lot to thank advertising for. As you scroll through this advice from 13 dead copywriters some phrases will jump out. They are tips that we will recognise. Advice that is still offered today that we may have assumed are part of the new approach to media. There is something reassuring in knowing that although the tools have changed the good tactics continue to work.

Five (Serious) Tips For Using Humor To Connect, Engage, And Influence

This isn’t a new post but one I found whilst researching during the week. When I ask delegates to find the most successful content they have shared on Facebook, humorous posts always come out top. Making someone smile or laugh can be a powerful way to get them to engage with and remember your business.

Here are four tips from the Social Media Explorer blog along with some examples that will help you to get thinking about making people laugh.

5-Step Strategy To Improve Your Facebook Engagement & Growth

Now that Facebook marketing has become harder it has become more important to have a sound strategy in place. It is strategy that will get the creative juices flowing and help you succeed.

This post takes you through five steps to creating a strategy including a clever example. It’s one to bookmark.

How Reducing Options Can Increase Your Conversions [Infographic]

Have you ever heard the story about the jam? The tale that tells us it’s better to offer our audience less rather than more options if we want to get sales? That story is told in this infographic amongst other examples of how offering too many options could effect our conversion rates.

5 Tips to Help You Write More Quickly

Something that a lot of bloggers struggle with is the time involved. There are always tactics you can use to speed up your writing and this post makes some persuasive points.

Facebook contest apps examples you should see!

Like everything we do on social media the more time we spend planning our Facebook competitions the better results we will get.

The problem with Timeline contests is that it’s hard to measure their impact. Yes you might get a rush of engagement on your page but you could be getting so much more via an app.

This post from Agora Pulse is full of great examples. I particularly like the quiz and personality test. Both of these are competition types that I’m dying to try out.

And from this week

Become A Better Blog Editor With Hemingway – Cool Tool

I’ve been using this weeks cool tool non stop since I discovered it. It will help you become a better editor of your own work. After using it consistently for a week I find that I am making less mistakes for Hemingway to point out to me.

It’s really simple to use, here’s my review. 

How To Use Google Keywords Planner For Blogging Inspiration [Tutorial]

I chose a demo of Google Keywords Planner for my videocast this week as it is something I am asked about frequently. Using this tool is not only a good start for keyword research but it will also help you find topics you should be blogging about.

You can watch the videocast here. 

How To Use Nostalgia To Tell Your Social Media Story

Our social newsfeeds seem to be full of nostalgia. There are historic pictures, retro ads and  photos of quirky stuff from the past popping up everywhere. Nostalgia can be a great marketing tactic too, associating that warm, fluffy, nostalgic feeling with your business. Here’s some examples of how businesses are using it and how you can apply these tactics to your small business.

3 Facebook Advertising Tools That will Save You Significant Time and Money

I was honoured to write for the RazorSocial blog this week on the topic of Facebook advertising. Although most of us are comfortable using Ads Manager or Power Editor there are some other tools out there that can help us be more effective with our advertising. I reviewed three tools that can save you time and money on your Facebook campaigns.

That’s all for another week. Have a great weekend.

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