How To Find Out If You Are Getting Negative Feedback On Facebook
30 Second Social Media Tip – Are You Getting Negative Feedback?

Are you getting negative feedback on Facebook posts? What is negative feedback and why does it matter? 

Facebook is constantly telling us that the best way to get organic reach is to provide quality content. But what is quality content and how does Facebook judge your content?

The truth is that we don’t know but there are two factors that seem crucial:

  1. Do your posts get much engagement from the people who do see them? This includes clicks, likes, shares and comments.
  2. Do you get negative feedback on Facebook posts? This includes hiding posts, hiding all your posts, un-liking your page from a post or marking a post as spam.

Of course the type of negative feedback you get matters too. A post marked as spam is going to have a stronger negative effect on your future reach than a post hide.

In this video I show you how you can find out if your posts are getting negative feedback and what type of feedback you are getting:

It’s ok if you get occasional negative feedback, particularly if your posts are getting a lot of reach. If you find you are getting negative feedback on multiple posts it might be time to re think your posting strategy.

Tips for avoiding negative feedback:

  • Post content that is entertaining, informative or educational
  • Avoid overly promotional posts
  • Post content that is relevant to your target market

Your Turn

Do you have any tips for achieving better organic reach on Facebook? I’d love to hear them.

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  • I wasn’t sure what good it would do me knowing that but I just checked my insights as a result of seeing your post and found that the only(!) ‘Hide All Posts’ I’d received was next to 2 posts I’d shared about local events. Some of my followers obviously don’t like it when I share local news! I haven’t checked insights for a while so was good to spot the chart that showed when my followers are mostly online. Will be scheduling some posts with that in mind.

  • Ah that’s interesting. Did you know you can target those posts so only local people see them in the newsfeed?

  • I thought we had to pay to target? No I didn’t then but will definitely bare that in mind, thanks 🙂

  • Actually that’s interest targeting but you can target by location too. Tips in our book also.

  • Just checked my IF for negative feedback, hadn’t done so in ages. Delighted to see I didn’t have any!

    But not going to rest on my laurels! As a matter of interest, if a business is experiencing some negative feedback, is there a % where it will really impact on their facebook performance?

    Very efficient and snappy video too 🙂

  • Dragon Ryder

    Super helpful, thanks so much! I did have a quick question. Over a 30 day period, in the “net likes” tab it shows I have 2 unlikes (Feb 2 and Feb 17). However, in the negative feedback section which also shows unlikes, it shows there are zero unlikes for both days. Do you know why both sections would shows conflicting info? Is it because the unlikes have nothing to do with any of the individual post interactions? Thank you again!

  • Hi Dragon Rider,

    Two people may have unliked your page by visiting your page and doing it there or leaving Facebook altogether. Negative feedback will only show it if they did it from a specific post.

  • Hi Lorna, apologies only seeing this now. I don’t know a specific answer but I’d be worried if I was getting 1% or more. As long as it stays a decimal I’m happy!

  • Dragon Ryder

    Ok great, thank you!