bloggers guide to images
The Bloggers Guide To Using and Creating Images

A topic that constantly comes up in the blogging groups and forums I belong to is the use of images.

What images can you use? Is there anywhere you can get photos for free? What size of image should you share? How do you make Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest see your images and ensure the right ones are shared.

Finding and creating images for your blog is the topic of this weeks podcast. Listen below:

Key Points:

  1. Avoid using generic stock images
  2. Never steal images from Google search for your blog posts
  3. Use PhotoPin to find creative commons licenced images
  4. Search free stock photo sites
  5. Use Canva to create image templates

Key Image Sizes:

Facebook & Twitter: 1200 x 627

Pinterest:  735 x 1102

Tools & Resources

This Week’s Blogging Challenges:

Challenge 1: Find at least one  stock photo site you are happy with
Challenge 2: Set up templates for both Facebook/Twiter and Pinterest in canva
Challenge 3: Optimise all images so they don’t effect my page load speed



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