how to maintain your email list
Keep your email subscribers interested with my 5 step process

So you built an email list with great intentions but you’ve neglected it? Sound familiar? I know that has been me in the past.

In episode 16 of the Blogcentric podcast, I list my 5 steps for nurturing and maintaining your email list.

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The 5 step process:

1. Clean your list

Identify inactive subscribers and remove them from your list. Email them letting them know and giving them the link to re-subscribe if they are still interested. I did this and my open rate went way up.

Your email marketing software should be able to help you identify inactive subscribers.

2. Create welcome emails

Respond to subscribers as soon as they subscribe with a welcome email. You’ll see an example of mine when you subscribe to my email list.

Most email marketing software allows you to automate this process.

3. Send out automated blog updates

Set up a campaign within your email marketing software that emails subscribers when you update your blog. I send a weekly digest of blog posts but you can also send these emails each time you publish a new post.

Your email marketing software can assist you with this.

4. Send out a monthly newsletter

This is your opportunity to get to know your subscribers better, let them know more about you and even make a bit of money.

5. Send out product/service and offer emails

Rather than just including your offers in your newsletter send out dedicated emails about specific products, services and offers.

This week’s challenges:

  1. Set up a welcome email for people subscribing to your blog
  2. Use email marketing software to set up an email campaign that sends out your most recent blog posts to subscribers (I use Mailchimp)
  3. Create a format for your monthly newsletter

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  • A quality post (as they all are). Great simple advice.

  • Thanks Conor 🙂 Do you have a mailing list? I must subscribe and be your one vegetarian follower 🙂

  • They are all there in the WordPress application. I really need to take control of things. There are no analytics and mail is only sent to subscribers when I post. It’s another thing on the long list….

  • Yes that happens, I’ve had working on my list on the long finger for a long time. I’m getting there 🙂