Social Media roundup

This week has been a busy week at as we launched nominations for Blog Awards Ireland along with Lorna from Write On Track and our partner Beatrice Whelan.  It’s been amazing to see so many nominations for so many blogs come in. It does however mean I’ve had less time for reading and blogging.  Of course there have been some pretty massive news stories this week.  The LinkedIn password leak even made it onto the mainstream news.

I’ve some stories about that Linkedin crisis, Facebooks plan to allow under 13’s to join officially, storytelling and why you should never ever shoot vertical video.

LinkedIn privacy & passwords

linkedin privacy leak

On Wednesday this article popped up in my newsfeed.  It’s about the information that LinkedIn stores from your account via it’s mobile app, information that users didn’t know was being stored.  This is the latest in a long line of stories about iPhone and Android apps from social networks that are storing your information on their servers.  Bad as this was it was nothing compared to the news that broke later on in the day. 6.5million LinkedIn passwords had been leaked, that meant that all LinkedIn users were advised not only to change their passwords but to also change them on any accounts that shared the same password. More on the leak here.

Facebook & under 13’s

The current Facebook rules don’t allow persons under the age of 13 to join the network, however most of us know of at least one child that is under that age who is on the network, it’s simple to lie about your age and get on and in many cases it’s parents themselves that are assisting their kids to sign up.  That’s why the announcement from Facebook that it is looking to officially enable under 13’s to join makes sense.  The accounts will have some specific privacy controls making them ‘safer’ for younger people.  I’ve seen good noises coming from social media savvy parents so far but I wonder will this confuse the non computer savvy parent even more?  More on this story from CBS news.

Say no to portrait video

I thought I was old fashioned but the first tip on every single video course I teach is that videos should be shot landscape and never ever portrait.  Think about it, your computer monitor is a landscape display, your television set is landscape and as this very clever video points out even your eyes are landscape.  If I am an old fuddy duddy I’m in good company.


Beginners guide to Tumblr

If you don’t think you know what Tumblr is you’ve probably been reading them without knowing it.  Tumblr is a blogging platform that sits somewhere between microblogging (Twitter) and full on blogging (WordPress, Blogger etc).  Tumblrs contain snippets of news. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up one for some time and I’ve finally found a need for one.  It’s a work in progress but I’ve created one for Blog Awards Ireland to collate and share anyone who blogs about us online.  Of course there are far more creative Tumblrs out there than this.  The Irish Times has one for it’s breaking news, and this one ‘Text From Dog’ makes me chuckle.

If you’ve got a great idea for a Tumblr and are a bit stumped like me this beginners guide from Mashable could help you get started.

Social media policy

Have you got a social media policy for your company?  It doesn’t matter if you are a one person business or a large corporation it’s important to put a document together outlining your policies, what are the rules for you, your employees and your community.  Having a policy in place makes it a lot easier to know how to react in specific situations. Here’s a handy guide to get your started from 123 Social Media.

Who uses what social media?

who uses what social network
Pinterest catches Facebook for most time spent on site

When putting together a social media strategy it’s important to identify where your target market resides online.  There’s no point putting a massive amount of effort into a Facebook campaign if the people you want to reach with it don’t use Facebook.  This infographic is a great basic guide to who uses what, it’s a good start to help you find your audience.  The most remarkable statistic for me is that Pinterest users spend the same amount of time on the site as Facebook users spend on Facebook.

Storytelling and social media

One of the things I love about social media is that it brings with it a way of communicating that is more honest, more real, more about people, more emotional.  At this stage we all know that the hard sell and broadcasting don’t work on the social web, we need to make personal connections and the only way to do this is to be personal  My final link of the week is this lovely post about using the social web to tell stories that create resonance.

Last week I was away in the Highlands of Scotland, relying on a sporadic Internet connection so it was by text that I heard that I’d made it into the finals of the Social Media Awards for this blog.  Of course I’m delighted, and I’m even more delighted to be nominated alongside Beatrice Whelan (for the Sage Ireland blog) and Lorna Sixsmith (for Write on Track).  As you are probably aware Beatrice, Lorna and myself have been working together on various blogging events over the last two years.

In 2010 Lorna and myself met eight other keen bloggers in the Clanard Court Hotel in Athy and the KLCK (Kildare, Laois, Carlow, Kilkenny) Bloggers network was born.  We’ve been meeting every month since and it’s been great to see some fantastic business blogs evolve.  Beatrice was one of the bloggers we saw bloom in our first year.  She started blogging after attending one of our meetings and made it into the final of the Blog Awards in 2011 for her own tech blog.  Lorna also made it into the finals of the Blog Awards with the Garrendenny Lane blog.

In 2011 we ran our first bigger event, Beatrice had at this stage joined the committee of KLCK and together we joined with a social media group in Chipping Norton for ‘Bloggers International‘.  We packed out the room we’d hired in Portlaoise, it was great to meet so many bloggers from all over Ireland.

As you may be aware last year Damien Mulley, who was the brains and brawn of the Irish Blog Awards, announced that 2011 was to be the last awards.  As a passionate blogger I didn’t want to see an end to what had become an institution.  Irish Blogging deserves to be celebrated, it’s a massively efficient business marketing tool and Ireland is full of amazing blogs, I for one wanted to make sure we could continue the tradition and it didn’t take me long to persuade Lorna and Beatrice to join me in my madness.  We chatted to Damien and pumped him for advice.. and two months later we’re in the grips of organising what will be our biggest event yet.

One of the disadvantages of taking on the Blog Awards is that I can’t win!  In the last year I’ve made massive changes to the blog, I’m constantly working to make it better.  The first hint that I was on the right track was when I made it into the finals of Social Media Examiners best Social Media Blogs of 2012, this spurred me on to work even harder and as a result a blog that didn’t make it into the Blog Awards finals at all last year has made it into the one and only blog category in the Social Media Awards.  Of course I want to win, the competition is fierce and any one of the other blogs would be a deserving winner but I can’t help but want to have an award for my mantelpiece.  I’ll find out next Thursday night, I’ll be Tweeting, follow the hash tag #sockies.  But if I don’t win I’d be almost as delighted to see one of my fellow KLCK team take the trophy.

Would you like to sponsor Blog Awards Ireland 2012?  We have category sponsorship available so do get in touch

The Facebook acquisition of Instagram still seems to be dominating the social media headlines this week, mini blogging platform Tumblr have launched advertising on their dashboards but neither of these make it into my social 7.  Instead we look at a great Pinterest case study, the story of a Facebook page that was taken down for running rule breaking competitions and some great Linkedin tips.

Klout Brand Squads

Klout Brand Squad
Red Bulls ‘Brand Squad’ page on Klout


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know I’m a bit cynical about Klout, in some respects it does look like a great way to identify influencers but there have been some huge privacy concerns and it also seems that it often marks someone as influential about a topic that the user has no interest in.  However I do sometimes get persuaded to look again.  There are some great examples of Klout encouraging advocates in Brian Solis’s ‘The End Of Business As Usual’ that I found quite compelling.  This week Klout announced brand pages that will display the most influential people associated with a brand and offer perks to influencers.  If you are on Klout you probably received an email about it showcasing the Red Bull page. I can see this being a great tool for large companies to reward their most ardent fans, I also see it as a great research tool for smaller businesses that share a target market with some of those using the ‘Brand Squads’. Read more about the new pages on Silicon Republic.

Twitter hijacks #creepingsharia

creeping sharia
#creepingsharia mocks far right extremist EDL on Twitter


Idiotic UK far right group the EDL learnt a thing or two about Twitter this week. Their leader tweeted in disgust at a Mosque being included on the Twitter home page (it was in fact the Taj Mahal) and appended his tweet with the hash tag #creepingsharia. Thankfully Twitter reacted by doing what it does best, it hijacked the tag making a mockery of the original post. Below is one of my favourite tweets.  The tag is still going strong too.  The story even made it into The New York Times.

Facebook competitions – how one man had his page deleted twice

I posted this on Facebook today and it got a huge reaction.  I always advise clients to abide by the Facebook promotional guidelines when running a competition but it can be hard when we see so many others breaking the rules.  Very often people think that it’s OK because everyone else is doing it.  This post shows one example of why  breaking the rules can result in you loosing your page and all the people connected to it.

What? How? Why Instagram?

As I mentioned above Instagram is still the big news this week due to the Facebook buyout.  Lots of new people have become aware of the photo sharing social network for the first time and downloading it. But onece you’ve got it what do you do next?  This article is a brilliant quick start guide for new users. It takes everything that I had to work out over time and puts it in simple terms, in short I wish I had read this before I started! If you’ve just got Instagram read it and have fun.

Harrods on Pinterest

Harrods on Pinterest
Sample mood board for Harrods Jubilee window competition


Pinterest persists in being one of the most topics talked about in social media and this is by far the most clever marketing campaign I’ve seen yet from a brand.  Harrods are giving users the opportunity to inspire the design of the Knightsbridge stores Jubilee window.  Pinners just need to create a mood board and submit it to be in with the chance to win a trip to London to see the window unveiled.  Not a fantastic prize, I’m guessing there will be more to it that just a visit to the store !  For more on this competition and details on how to enter click here.

Cool Pinterest Hack

Staying on the topic of Pinterest this application looks pretty cool, it was submitted to appear in my weekly roundup by one of the Facebook community.  It allows you to create boards from one single photo.  Great examples but it’s definitely weighted too much in favour of dogs at the moment. I’m off to create a cat one!

25 Tips For LinkedIn

I often feel LinkedIn gets overlooked by many.  It doesn’t have the pizazz of Facebook, the cool of Twitter or the incentives of Google+.  It is however a hugely powerful tool, I know I get probably more concrete leads from it than any other social network.  It’s also a fantastic research tool that can help you reach exactly who you need to in an organisation.  If you’re still struggling on getting started this article is full of tips to help you build a valuable following.

And from this week

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest

OK so I might not be using the network that much yet but I do seem a little obsessed don’t I?  This week’s Monday cool tool was a neat little app that allows you to change data into pinnable images. Pinstamatic uses notes, quotes, location info, screen grabs to create the pins. More here.

4 Examples of brands engaging influencers using user generated content

Getting influencers on board with your brand is key to any social media strategy, some will come by themselves if you create the right content to attract and engage them, others you may need to be more clever to attract.  These four case studies show brands that are reaching out further to find people who will talk about them online.

Blog Awards Ireland Meets TweakYourBiz TV

I’m lucky enough to be organising the Blog Awards Ireland this year with Beatrice Whelan from Sage Ireland and Lorna Sixsmith from Write On Track.  Lorna and myself went to Dublin at the weekend to meet Greg Fry from TweakYourBiz TV.  Here’s what happened.

Don’t forget to share any great social media links you find during the week either as a comment on this blog post or on the Facebook page.