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This week I take a closer look at Vine, how marketers took advantage of the blackout during the Superbowl and how to show your community love.

Oreo, Blackout & The Superbowl

The SuperBowl used to be something that happened in the US, I was vaguely aware of it because of all those movies I’ve watched but it’s not until I started getting in to Internet marketing that I really started to pay attention. This year it seemed to be even more widespread. I’m not sure if this is because Twitter and other social media have made the world smaller, because there are a lot of sports fans on my timeline or because it’s become almost as big an event for social media marketers as it has for sports fans.

I didn’t stay up to watch it evolve but apparently there was a black out during the event and some of the more creative brands used this to their advantage. One of those was Oreo, here’s what they did as reported on by Krishna De.

5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Pinterest

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know I’m taking a stronger interest in Pinterest this year. I’m still finding my feet so this article from Ching Ya on driving more traffic to your blog using Pinterest was very welcome. There’s a WordPress plugin amongst her tips that I will be trying for sure.

8 Ways To Show Your Community Love

Social media couldn’t be social without our followers, some are customers who will keep coming back to us, others will share our content and our story drawing in new leads and customers. It’s important for us to nurture these contacts, to reward them and encourage them to share more. This great article from SteamFeed is full of ideas of how to give them the love they deserve.

How 15 Real Businesses Are Getting Creative With Vine

If you have somehow missed out on the phenomenon that is Vine it’s an amazing new social network powered by an iOS app. Some are calling it the Video version on Instagram. The app allows you to record six second videos. It sounds short and complicated to start with but as soon as you download the app you’ll be hooked. I think the biggest selling point is the interface that allows you to record short shots by touching the screen of your iPhone. Still confused? Don’t be here’s some examples collected on the Hubspot blog. I particularly like the Animate & Create flipbook.

The First Ever Vine Contest?

It hasn’t taken long for us marketers to try and find marketing ideas for Vine. I’m not sure if this is the first ever Vine contest but the Cavendish Hotel have been very clever to be so quick off the mark. It’s getting lots of attention on social media but I’ve seen very few entries. If you have an iPhone and could get to London by the 15th of Feb it’s worth giving it a go.

Six Tips for Managing an Out-of-Control Social Media Crisis

It’s only when a brand has a really big crisis that news spreads this far. Yes there are small disasters all the time on social media but it seems when it hits a big brand in a big way we all like to take a closer look. This time it is American restaurant chain Applebee that is in the spotlight. The crisis started when a staff member was fired after posting a photo of a receipt and the message scrawled on to it by a customer on social media, it got worse and worse after this. Here’s a good outline of what happened and how it could have been avoided.

For Those Who Love Chain E-mail

Do people still send chain emails or have they migrated to those viral status updates we see on Facebook? Either way this video from “Weird Al” Yankovic made me smile.

And From Spiderworking.com This Week

Filter Your Twitter Timeline – Cool Tool

I’ve been looking for something like this for ages, it’s a tool that filters my entire Twitter newsfeed meaning that when I need to take a break from business stuff I can focus on the fun Tweeps, or when a breaking news story unfolds I can watch it easily without having to jump in and out of search. Tweetdig acts as a full Twitter client and is great fun to play around with. I can’t see me abandoning Hootsuite for it but it could become a handy addition.

Video Tip – Get Consistent Sound On Your Videos

My second tip for video casters is about sound. I’ve been having issues because I record my video on two different devices and cut between them. I found a solution and here it is.

5 Content Ideas For Local Businesses On Facebook

This week I was delighted to be asked to guest post on Jon Loomer’s excellent blog. Here it is, featuring examples from lots of Irish businesses and how they are creating content that engages their audiences on Facebook.

Here’s wishing you a fantastic weekend. See you next week.
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Here’s my roundup of the top social media stories that I’ve read this week. I’ve really enjoyed reading some of these and learnt loads from others… and the Twitter censorship one even got me a little bit mad!  Drop back next week for another social 7.

1. Hanging out with Obama

It looks like Obama will retain his crown as ‘social media president’ as he plans to host a Google+ hang out at the end of the month. He will hang out with ‘up to 9 others’ and answer questions submitted via social media.  I’m wondering how they will select the 9 lucky people who get to join the hangout!


2. Twitter Censorship

Twitter announced last night that they will be ‘witholding tweets’ from being viewed in specific countries. Although they state on their blog that:

“Some [countries ideas on freedom of expression] differ so much from our ideas that we will not be able to exist there. Others are similar but, for historical or cultural reasons, restrict certain types of content, such as France or Germany, which ban pro-Nazi content.”

I can’t help but feel a little worried at this development and although Twitter seem to  have thought this out well is it the beginning of a fully censored social web?

Great summary from the Simply Zesty blog here.


3. Picnik To Close – Aviary an alternative?

I got an email from Picnik, the web based photo editing site at the beginning of the week announcing that they would be closing in April. Although it’s not an application I use often myself it is an invaluable tool for non-techies who need to create profile images for social networks or resize and edit images for blog posts.

Luckily there are alternatives. I’m investigating Aviary that rather cleverly announced it’s Facebook app shortly after the Picnik announcement. Here’s more on Aviary from the Venture Beat blog.


4. Crisis! McDonalds, Bayern Munich & FedEx

It’s a been a week of social media going wrong.  McDonalds attempt to engage it’s audience on Twitter with #McDStories backfired when customers used it to compain. Bayern Munich dissapointed fans when their ‘new player’ announcement turned out to be a marketing ploy and FedEx is being praised for it’s response to a customer video that showed a driver throwing a computer monitor over a fence.

(yes I cheated and added three stories to this section, but it’s hard to fit it all in to 7 sometimes!)

5. Could you be fooled by a Twitter bot?

I found this a fascinating read. A team of researchers not only managed to spark conversation on Twitter via a bot but they also managed to connect humans to each other and increase human to human interaction.


6. Google+ SEO – A Guide

SEO, or at least Google optimisation is in the midst of a massive transformation.  This is a huge but worthwhile guide to Google+ and how it impacts search. One that I’m going to have to delve into deeper.


7. The Importance Of Blogging For Business

A crowdsourced article on the blogging for business from Write On Track. Including tips on why you should blog, the basics of blogging and how to get readers.

On the same topic Social Media Examiner’s 26 tips for writing great blog posts.


And from Spiderworking.com this week:

Tips to help you get video-casting in 2012 – Some of the things I’ve learnt from video blogging for that last two years. Speaking of video here’s a great link on 10 Essential YouTube tips and tricks recommended by Tour America on Google+.

And my tutorial on creating Twitter lists.

One of the most common concerns for businesses thinking of embracing social media is what they should do if someone attacks them on their page.  I always advise that you should put together a crisis management plan when you set on the path of social media and this should form part of the social media policy within your organisation.

Even if you are a small business it’s worth putting together guidelines for yourself on how you should manage negative feedback within your Social Media strategy.

Within BT’s social media policy is the following statement that I think is excellent advice for anyone:

Keep calm: don’t pick fights by escalating heated discussions but be conciliatory, respectful and quote facts to lower the temperature and correct misrepresentations. Never contribute to a discussion if you are angry … leave it, calm down, and return to it at a later date when you can contribute in a calm and rational manner.

When thinking about how to manage a crisis it’s worth considering how some other businesses have dealt well or not so well when something has gone wrong.


Crises Management: Trendsspotting Insights On Dominos Case Study



View more presentations from Taly Weiss
What advice would you give for dealing with a crisis within social media. Have you experienced a crisis yourself?  We’d love to hear your comments, share your stories with us below in the comments section.

Last week participated in a live chat as a guest expert on Social Media Ireland’s Facebook Page.  After a lot of nail biting I really enjoyed the session.  Thanks to all who asked questions and contributed on the night.

Before it disappears from view on the Social Media Ireland timeline I’ve collated some of the questions and answers to share with any of you that were unable to attend on the night.

My reply: That’s a great question. I think people often make the mistake of diving into all social media at the same time. The best policy is to do some research, find out where your customers are and tackle those first. Spend some time learning one network at a time or it will get confusing.

Niall Devitt from Social Media Ireland also recommended the Social Media Examiner blog as a bible, it’s one of my favorites too along with Hubspot.

My reply: Hi Jenny, I think you need to sit down and plan out your social media. Each case is different. You need to decide how much time you have to dedicate to it, and which medias are best suited to you.

Putting together a content calender is a great way to make sure you are being productive but not over productive.

Different people have different ideas about what is too much. I read a report recently that said posting on Facebook 3 times a day was detrimental to your fan base but I know that many successful pages post at least this much. As a rule of thumb I would recommend keeping updates on Facebook to one a day or two max, twitter is very different you can almost post as much as you want there as long as it’s relevant and good content.

Elaine Rogers from Seefin Coaching added: I would add about twitter tho – some people schedule their posts, and don’t take the time to space them out, then my timeline is full of 20 tweets by one person – I usually unfollow 🙁

Me: Great point Elaine. I hate that myself, I don’t want to log onto Twitter and have my whole feed full of one person. I also think if you are going to schedule tweets you still need to go into Twitter and communicate as much as you can. Twitter is a conversation and broadcasting alone will limit it’s effectiveness

And Frank Bradly suggested:  It’s always a good idea to check how many times a person replies in the stream. An absence of @ replies means they don’t engage much.

My response: Good question! With social media it is even more important to not copy your competitors. I think you should look at what they are doing and then attempt something completely different.

Personality is the number one thing that will set you apart from them. Be yourself because no one else can be. Provide great content and content specifically for Facebook and prove that you are an expert.

Niall Devitt said: as part of the standing out theme, I’d recommend customizing your FB page 🙂

My response:

Hi Sarah And Brian 🙂

I have a quote I got from BT’s social media policy yesterday that I think is the best possible way to respond:

“Keep calm: don’t pick fights by escalating heated discussions but be conciliatory, respectful and quote facts to lower the temperature and correct misrepresentations. Never contribute to a discussion if you are angry … leave it, calm down, and return to it at a later date when you can contribute in a calm and rational manner.”
Their full policy is online here: http://richarddennison.wordpress.com/bts-social-media-guidelines/

These are just a few of the questions that came up on the night. I’ll be revisiting some of the other issues raised in future posts.  Don’t forget to keep an eye on Social Media Ireland’s Facebook Page to find out when the next Live Chat is on.

I’d love to hear your input on these discussions, do you have anything to add? If you do leave a comment below.