As the year begins to draw to a close we’re seeing lots of predictions for next year, including my own.  Twitter and Facebook both released their trends of the year and Google told us what we searched for the most in 2012.  I have included some predictions here but I’ve also found a great checklist for bloggers / article writers, an interesting article on how often we should get involved in conversations about our business online and the most annoying hashtag uses.

Have a great weekend.  I’ll be back next week with my final roundup of the year.

The Internet of things explained

The Internet of things connects all the electrical devices around us enabling us to streamline and even eliminate menial tasks.  This is going to be one of those phrases you will be tired of hearing by the end of 2013,  it’s not new but it’s a concept that is gaining ground.  I’d almost say it is inevitable that something like what is demonstrated in this clever interactive infographic is going to happen.  In parts the concept delights me and in part is scares me.

Do people really click on the links in your blog posts?

You might notice that the sections of text I am making links out of this week are considerably longer than usual.  The reason for this is that I am testing one of the theories put forward in this article from Hubspot.  They started measuring the click throughs on links from their blogs and analysed the data.  They discovered a few things including that longer anchor text results in more click throughs.  The article is full of other interesting snippets of information and is really useful if you do a lot of internal linking within your own site.

Five annoying ways people use hashtags in Tweets

I wrote an article about the abundance of hashtags on Twitter earlier this year.  When used well a tag can bring a community together, help us share and enjoy live and virtual events and spread the word about campaigns.  When done badly they can make tweets unreadable.  If like me this makes you grumpy or if you find that you have a bit of a hashtag addiction yourself it’s worth taking a look at this article from All Twitter outlining five ways that hashtags can be annoying.

Article writing checklist

I can be guilty of hitting that publish button on a blog post before I’ve spell checked properly or read it through to make sure it makes sense.  Time always seems to be at a premium but unless bloggers take a moment to sit back and make sure the post is really ready to go it can result in them becoming unreadable.  Having made mistakes time and again I was delighted to find this article.  It’s a really handy checklist for bloggers or article writers outlining what to do before you hit publish.  There’s also some tips on blog planning and commenting.

Who is using Google+?

I seem to be getting into more and more conversations about Google+. I am asked are people using it, who is using it, do we really need to have a page? The answer I give to point 3 is always a resounding yes, for the two former questions this infographic from Social Times might help.

A quick look shows that the biggest segments are English speaking, American, single men, aged 18-24. I was happy until I saw the 18-24 bit!  These headline stats are all we can see for now but if your target market happens to fit those specifics you should definitely, definitely be on Google+.

The biggest Twitter conversations of the year

I am totally fascinated and a bit obsessed by tweet per minute statistics.  For example, during the Olympics tweets peeked at 116,000+ Tweets per minute, when President Obama appeared on The Daily Show there was a peak of 327,452 Tweets per minute and although there’s no concrete statistics I love the ‘Summer Wars’ case study that saw viewers of the film creating their own live event by tweeting a phrase every time one of the characters said it.  For more on the trends and the year on Twitter check out Twitter’s own ‘2012 Year On Twitter’.

Why you shouldn’t join every conversation about your brand online

Monitoring mentions of you, your business and brand should be one of the first things you do when constructing a social media policy.  There are free tools like Google alerts that can help you, there are paid tools for those who have the budget but none of these tell you when you should respond to people talking about you online.

We may assume that we should always respond, particularly if people are saying negative things about us but this isn’t always the best policy.  This brilliant post tells us why.

And from this week

Screen cap, annotate, add arrows all with one app

This weeks cool tool is a great one for blogging on the go.  When I’m working from home I can use my mac to get screen grabs and edit them with GIMP, when I’m out and about it’s harder.  This weeks cool tool does it all in one and is available cross platform.  I’ve installed it on all of my devices.  Find out more about how it works here.

Why isn’t there a search box on my Facebook business page?

This is a question I’ve been asked a lot this year.  If you set up a pure Facebook business account or if you migrate a page you will find that your functionality is limited.  Luckily this can be easily fixed by adding an admin.  Here’s how to do it in one minute.

10 digital trends to watch out for in 2013

What does the near future look like?  I’ve been trying to predict it, here’s 10 trends I think we should keep an eye on in 2013, some of them will happen, some of them will just begin to take off, some of them may not work at all.  I’ll look forward to looking back on this one this time next year.

It’s a long post so if you’d like the headlines here’s a slideshow I made of the key points.

If you enjoy reading my blog please nominate it for the Social Media Examiner Top 10 Social Media Blogs.  Last year I reached the finals but I’ve been working hard all year long to make it better.  I would be over the moon to make it in to the top 10 this year.  To reach the judging stage I need to get a lot of nominations so please nominate by visiting this post and leaving a comment including the link and why you think I should win.

photo credit: repazeblack via photopin cc

Google+ For Business by Chris Brogan

That title may seem a tad bold but it’s true.  Google+ For Business is a fantastic book on social media with examples drawn from Google+.  Sometimes we get too carried away with the tools and forget that social networks essentially all work the same way.  Some networks are better suited for particular audiences or target markets but how we approach them should be pretty much the same.

Having said all that since I’ve read this book I’ve been thinking of new ways of using G+, I’ve been more active, more creative and I’m beginning to love the place.  Chris wrote this book back in the early days of the network so he doesn’t delve too far into business pages.  From a personal and social point of view it’s much easier to use profiles than pages but that doesn’t exclude you from doing business there.  You can meet people as easily as you do on Twitter and you can build relationships with prospective clients the same way you might over time at networking meetings. So like most social networks Google+ works because it’s about building relationships, sharing useful and relevent information, letting your personality in and being real.

Back to the book.  It’s an easy read, it’s the first business book I’ve read on my Kindle and this was the perfect format for it.  I could pick it up whilst on a tram or during lunch.  It’s packed with case studies and what becomes clear is that people are approaching this relatively new network with fresh eyes.  They are finding new ways to do things, new content to share. I love the story of Jaqueline Carly, a fitness instructor who posts photos of herself pre and post workout everyday.  It’s this sort of simple but effective marketing that keeps Google+ interesting.  He also interviews some of those social media superheros including Scott Monty from Ford and Darren Rowse from ProBlogger.  He looks at how Michael Dell (from Dell) uses the network, he looks at the different ways people are approaching it and creates some scenarios of his own that small businesses would be wise to look at.

Then there is the bit that is really about Google+, although he doesn’t delve too deeply into the technical stuff he does share tips on how to make your profile more effective and how to manage circles.  Although Google+ has seen a redesign since this was written the tips are just as relevant, it’s a great beginners guide but also useful as a refresher if you’ve been there for a while.

Should you give Google+ a try?  Of course! Should you read this book?  Absolutely!

Buy the paperback on Amazon here. Or the Kindle version here.

Social 7

I’m still trying to ignore the Facebook IPO. I’m no expert in finance so find it hard to comment on what’s happening.  What has caught my eye this week is some interesting marketing from the ‘Alien’ prequal Prometheus, that amazing moog Google Doodle, Microsoft’s new social network and how one print magazine is incorporating Pinterest.  Microsoft’s social network

Microsoft a new social sharing site was launched this week.  According to PC World it’s not exactly a social network.  I’ve had a quick sniff around but not enough of one to have a fully informed opinion yet.  Reading this really good article and walk around has helped me understand it more. Some of the features do look interesting, it seems users will congregate around interests and that makes sense, we’re doing more of this on Facebook with groups and interest lists and Google+ with circles. The big question has to be is it different enough and compelling enough to compete against the big boys?

Official Twitter guide for small businesses based in the UK

Twitter have always had a small business guide but this week saw them release one specifically for the UK.  As you have probably noticed the language and style of social media varies between America and the UK.  I’ve always felt that Ireland sits somewhere between the two.  The Irish version isn’t out (yet) but you can download the UK one here.  And if you’re a little annoyed that they haven’t launched one for us in Ireland yet you will probably smirk when you read that they have upset most of the UK by using the tag #LDNlocal.  Read more here.

Magazine allows pinning from print

This is a fascinating story, it really caught my eye this week.  Print magazine House Beautiful has devised a way to allow users to pin content from their paper magazine onto Pinterest. Readers just need to use a mobile app connected to their Pinterest account to share images from the magazine.  Without trying it for myself I can’t see how easy it is to use but it’s definitely clever thinking. More here.

Guide to Twitter abbreviations

When you have been using Twitter for a while it can be easy to forget how confusing it can be for a newbie.  I was asked whilst running a course this week was it written in another language.  In a way it is.  What with RT, MT, HT, HTT, #tags, @replies not to mention text language it must seem quite confusing for someone who is brand new to the site.  Luckily this guide is here to help.

Websites with seamless social media integration

Social Media Intergration
One of the beautiful sites with great social media integration

I’m always in the midst of redesigning my website in my head, one day it will happen in real life.  Obviously a big part of the design is the social media links.  Should you have buttons or Like boxes and Twitter streams.  Just when I was convinced the Like box was the way to go I saw this website.  Of course I’d have to make the rest of the website beautiful enough to work any of these ideas in.  For a bit of inspiration alone have a look at these examples.

Clever viral marketing from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus

I have to admit that sometimes I can be a bit of a geek and the movie Prometheus turns me to full on geek mode.  The film, a prequal to ‘Alien’ is released next week and I’m pretty sure that it won’t be able to live up to the marketing hype.  We’ve seen Twitter used in conventional advertising, great viral videos and the latest are personal messages from ‘Wayland Corporation’ (the business featured in the film) to Linkedin users. This is creativity at it’s best.  Read more here and see a faux TED video that has been doing the rounds as well.

Moog Google Doodle inspires geeks

Now that I’ve admitted my geekhood you might understand why I like these.  On Wednesday the Google Doodle was a playable Moog Synthesiser, a massive time suck and it looks like some people spent an inordinate amount of time creating their masterpieces.  Here’s some of the geekiest and best.  Below is my personal favourite, a rendition of the Dr. Who theme.

And from this week

New mobile app for Facebook pages

Facebook have launched a stand alone mobile app for page managers.  As I’m writing this it still seems to be only available for iPhone but Android is on the way.  I had a quick look around, here’s how it works.  I’ve been using it for a week now and I’ve found it a great way to keep on top of comments when I’m on the move.  I also love that I can see insights for the entire page or individual posts directly from the app.

What happens to your social media and blog when you are gone?

We are encouraged to make a will so that our physical assets can be split up as we wish when we are gone, we include our wishes for our funeral and our burial but should we be including what we want to happen to our digital life when we are gone?  I looked at how social networks deal with death and looked at how we can ensure our blogs live on. Not a cheery topic but one we should all be thinking about. Read the full article here.

Google+ Case Study – The Reluctant Speakers Club

This week sees a return of my videocast.  I spoke to Eammon from the Reluctant Speakers Club about his success with Google+. In just one month Google+ has become a significant driver of quality traffic with 6% coming from the network.  More here.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to share any stories you enjoy reading this week with us on Facebook.


This week I talked to Eamonn O’Brien of the reluctant speakers club about his success in driving quality traffic to his website using Google+.

In the last month of using Google+ he has discovered that;

– Google+ has been great for finding things that are genuinely useful to himself and other people
– Easier to spark up conversations than on other social networks
– More professional people and business people on Google+
– Content is more useful from a business perspective than on Facebook
– There are better in depth and quality conversations
– After just one month he’s getting 6% of his web traffic from Google+
– He’s getting more Google organic search traffic since he’s started using Google+
– Visitors from Google+ are spending around 13 minutes on his site compared to traffic from Pinterest that stays an average of 10 seconds
– The bounce rate from Google+ is lowest of all the social networks he uses
– He’s building new relationships and connecting with people he meets on Google+ elsewhere.

Eamonn is the CEO of The Reluctant Speakers Club, a leading provider of public speaking courses in Ireland. To learn how he can help you gain more trust and inspire others with your ideas, email , call +353.1.5311196 or log onto

You can circle Eamonn on Google+ here and the Reluctant Speakers Club here.

Have you had success with Google+?  I’d like to hear about your experiences.

Social 7 Social Media Roundup

Mark Zuckerberg wore a hoodie this week, everyone seems to be talking about it.  In other news Facebook is still rolling out new features left right and centre and Pinterest is still the topic grabbing all the headlines.  This week I look at that self driving car from Google, how the ad breaks are becoming better than the TV shows, and a great article on using Google+.

Google and the self driving car

The Google self driving car
The Google self driving car

It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel but it looks like the driverless car is well and truly on it’s way.  This week saw the new Google car that drives itself get the go ahead for real life road tests in Nevada, although it still needs to be accompanied by a responsible adult.  This is Knight Rider, Total Recall and more all rolled into one.  Unfortunately the car doesn’t look quite as cool as KITT.  Many of my Facebook friends are wondering if you can drink and sit in one of these as it drives you home.  More on the driverless car from PC Mag.

Facebook launches document sharing

I’m a big fan of Dropbox, for those of you who aren’t aware of it Dropbox is a cloud based system that allows you to save and share documents. It’s easy to use and means you can access your documents from any PC or Smart-Phone.  A couple of weeks ago Google launched Google Drive, a similar application that some called the Dropbox killer.  Yesterday Facebook announced that tit was going to be rolling out it’s own document sharing to all Facebook groups.  As a heavy Facebook group user I’m going to find this really handy, although I don’t seem to have it yet.  Instead of using Google docs or the limited document creation that Facebook has previously allowed I will now be able to share stuff directly to a group instead of linking off site.  There seems to be some concern within the online community that Facebook may be gearing up to take on Dropbox and Google Drive but I see no evidence this so far.  I also feel trust levels about Facebook aren’t high enough for people to share sensitive documents the way they might on Dropbox.  For more on the new document sharing feature check out this article from Mashable.

The power of an Obama Tweet

Barack Obama ReTweets
Obama at almost 60,000 RT’s after endorsing same sex marriage

Obama has to be partly responsible for the clamour of politicians using social media.  He set the standard during his last election campaign, utilising social media across the board.  Many have tried to imitate him, some successfully some woefully.  Can anyone forget Gordon Brown’s YouTube videos, even his fans felt slightly uncomfortable watching his cheezy performance on screen.  This week shows that Obama has lost none of his power, a Tweet from his account endorsing gay marriage received almost 60,000 Re-tweets, and counting.  Read more here and follow the live RT score here.

Shazam advertising and Britain’s got Talent

You may be familiar with Shazam, it’s possibly the first iPhone app I ever heard of. The original application helped you identify music that was playing, so if you were in a shop or a club you no longer had to ask a member of staff what was playing, you could let your phone tell you.  Since then they have expanded and this weekend sees the first TV advertising using Shazam.  During Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday night advertisements from Pepsi Max and Cadbury will display tags, prompting Shazam users to check in, those who do might win something cool.  At the moment I have no concept how this will work but I am downloading the app and will tune in to the ad breaks to see what happens.  More here.

Is Google+ a ghost town?

I’m really beginning to like Google+, it takes a while but once you realise it really isn’t Facebook and understand how to discover stuff and interact it really is a great network. It’s still new but I’m finding myself getting more and more immersed in it.  This article is full of great tips on how to make the most of Google+, I won’t be implementing all the suggestions but it’s a great reminder of some of the features that we may have forgotten about.  If you read this and follow the advice I guarantee you will find G+ more fun.  A big hat tip to FIR podcast for alerting me to this article.

Social gifting – what’s that?

Social gifting is a trend I will be keeping an eye on.  Already consumers are getting used to doing their gift shopping online and sites like Groupon show that their is an appetite for online voucher buying. Now there are applications springing up that allow you to send gift vouchers to friends phones.  More here.  Although I love the simplicity of this idea I’d hope that people would use it for spontaneous gifting, I think the process of choosing, buying and wrapping a gift for your loved ones is important and I’d hate to see a future where exchanging Christmas gifts would just be a series of beeping phones.

A marketers guide to Pinterest

This is a really clever video that turns infographic into infovideo.  A great guide to Pinterest it’s filled with stats and hints presented in animated infographic form.  It certainly holds your attention.  I’m imagining we’re going to see a lot more of these in the future, maybe they will become as viral as infographics.

And from this week

Preview links on Twitter before you click with Embedly

I really love this tool for Twitter, it’s a browser add on that allows you to preview links from Tweets the same way you preview images and videos. In fact it’s so useful that I’ve been using it a week and I can’t remember life without it.

Awards, Awards, Awards

This is the story of how I happen to be running the Blog Awards Ireland this year and why I’m so happy to be nominated in the Social Media Awards.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to share any cool links you find on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

As you read this I am on my way to SMWF (social media world forum) in London.  As you might be aware the highlight of the conference for me is Chris Brogan.  I’ve got his latest book ‘Google+ for Business’ on my Kindle and I’m looking forward to his presentation on the subject.  That’s why this week I thought we’d take a look at a pretty cool tool for use with Google+.

Google+Timing can tell you the best time to post updates to Google+.  As far as I can work out it only does this for personal profiles at the moment but it’s still pretty cool.

Just sign up with your Google+ account and it will pull some data and give you some pretty cool graphs outlining the best time of day to post to reach your followers.  It also ranks days and times in order of importance.  So although Wednesday between 8pm and 9pm is my optimum time there are countless other options.

On Wednesday I’ll be putting together a short summery of what I learnt from Chris Brogan about Google+ so do drop by.

Still Facebook’s new business pages dominate my feeds, however there’s been an abundance of interesting and amusing stories this week.  Last week I brought news of the big Simply Zesty acquisition, this week it looks like Mashable is being scooped up too.  There’s concern about Twitter data being released to the authorities in NYC, a fascinating article from an ex-Google employee and something to get you in the mood for St. Patrick’s day.

Mashable acquired by CNN?

I’ve always been a massive fan of Mashable, it is THE social media blog to read and even though I may have whinged about a fall in quality of posts over the last year or so it’s still a fantastic resource.  It was when this news broke that I discovered that Pete Cashmore, the man behind Mashable was a born and bred Scot.  Looks like the celtic nations are leading the way in social media blogging!  Read more about the alleged acquisition here.

Twitter Data & Occupy Wall Street

One of the greatest achievements of Twitter has been bringing together people and telling the story of revolutions.  Much of the Arab Spring has been reported via Twitter and other social networks and it’s one of the things we boast about.  However the rise of the Occupy movement has begged the question about whether our own (or US) authorities are happy with these freedoms. Not for the first time Twitter has been subpoenaed to release data about some Occupy Wall Street protesters.  It’s also a stark reminder that we are never anonymous on the Internet, comments can always be traced back to us.  More here on Read Write Web.

Will Google+ be the undoing of Google?

I’m still a fence sitter as far as Google+ goes.  However I do believe (maybe wrongly) that the network was set up as a Facebook killer.  In my head it isn’t a rival to Facebook, it’s another social network, a wonderfully constructed tool but it lacks activity.  Even when Facebook users annoyed by yet another change threatened to leave for Google+ en masse it didn’t happen.  What is frightening is that Google seem to be banking everything on G+, they are changing their search algorithms to make them more social, although this really means to prioritise G+ results, in fact everything they do now seems connected to the social network.  Google do one thing wonderfully, better than anyone else and that is search, Google is the best search engine in the world and it’s my worry that Google+ could ruin this.  It’s always good to know there’s someone out there with the same opinion and that’s why I found this article by ex- Google employee James Whittaker fascinating. Definitely worth a read.

What we like and don’t like on Twitter

I love this crowd sourced post from Sian Phillips on Tweak Your Biz (formerly Bloggertone). She has collected tips directly from Twitter users who tell us what they do and don’t like.  Two of my favourites are :

@elainerogers I dislike when people mistake lack of rapport for disagreement, and immediately react negatively


@ballymountaccs Like the immediate reaction to a question, comment or conversation

This really is everything you need to know about Timeline for Business pages

Mari Smith has to be the undisputed queen of Facebook.  And this wonderfully helpful article means she’s in no danger of loosing her crown.  Full of brilliant easy to follow information, when I shared this on my Facebook page people were asking why Facebook couldn’t explain it this well!

10 must have WordPress Plugins

From Jeff Bullas’s blog this is an up to date list of great WordPress plugins.  Some of them I’m not mad about, the ‘Hello Bar’ for example, I’m not sure if it’s a knew jerk reaction but I wouldn’t want something that ugly at the top of my website, and ‘Sexy Bookmarks’ refuses to work with many templates. However there are some brilliant ones, I’m not sure how I lived without All in One SEO and W3 Total Cache is a must have now that Google seems to place importance on page load speed.

Social media and the Irish language

Because it’s nearly St Patrick’s day, I’m giving you two links for my final story.  The first from The Sociable looks at how Irish is being used in social media.  An interview with Niamh O’Sullivan, projects executive  with Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge discusses how people are using it and how the Irish language can be promoted via Facebook, Twitter etc.

And finally here’s a short video from Star Translation Services that tells you how to ask for a pint in Irish this St. Patrick’s Day.  Hopefully the bar man will understand you!

And from this week

We’ve been away on holiday so just one blog post for you this week.  I’m working on a mammoth post on how to get more Likes on Facebook but you’ll have to wait a little longer for that!

Beat Facebookers Block with Post Planner (But I didn’t try, here’s why)

Would you be happy giving your credit card details to a Facebook app?  I wasn’t but was disappointed as it looked like such a handy tool. Read more here.

My news feed has been totally overcome with Timeline this week.  And of course it’s only to be expected.  I think I’ve only managed one non-timeline related piece of content myself.  I’m not going to ignore it entirely this week but there have been other things happening.  So here are my top seven reads this week, there’s news from Google, a great post about images and I’ve even found a couple of tips on using Google+.

If there’s a story you think I should have included do leave your links below.  I might squeeze it in to next weeks roundup.

Irish social media agency Simply Zesty acquired by UTV

Fantastic news for Simply Zesty this week as it was acquired by UTV.  It’s been great to see an Irish business grow so quickly and do so well, I’ve always been a fan of their blog and have been entertained by both Niall and Lauren’s tweets.  It seems hard to believe they’ve only been around since 2009.  They’ve definitely been a shining light in the social media world both here in Ireland and overseas.  So a massive congratulations to all, I’ll look forward to seeing the business evolve.  Here’s how they announced it on their blog.

Google launch ‘Google Play’

Google Play looks like a lot of fun, it makes sense, it’s clever.  What is it?  It takes all your music, movies, e-books & apps and stores them in the cloud, this isn’t particularly new but what makes it brilliant is that it stores information about them, it will bookmark your ebook so that even if you pick it up on a different device it will know exactly what page you were on, like Netfilx it will store how far through a movie you are and play it directly from the point you last viewed it from.  This could be a killer application that will push those who are ready to make the jump from iPhone/iPad over to Android devices.

Most of all, the video they created to promote it is brilliant.  Find out more, and see the video here.

Change the name of your Facebook page

Great news!  I’ve encountered many companies that have wanted to change the name of their Facebook page.  Some set up a page with a geographical location in the name and then changed location, others specified a year.  Until now pages with over 100 Likes were not able to change that name.  The only solution was to start from scratch with a new page.

Now it seems Facebook will let you change the name.  Here’s how to do it via the Imactiv8 blog.  It’s also worth taking a look at the new Facebook page guidelines that tell you what page names are eligable to be changed.

Web graphics, images & conversions

Whether we like it or not Images are more powerful than words, they attract attention and can tell a story instantly.  Images in blog posts and on web sites are essential but do they work for you?  Is a pretty website going to encourage more customers? I found this article fascinating, not only does it talk about how beautiful websites can simply not work but it also has good traditional advice about positioning images and even tips including how captions below pictures get more readers than the main body of text.

Google+ pros & cons for small business

If you are a reader of this blog you will know that I have been sitting on the fence about Google+ since it was launched.  Yes it’s a beautifully put together social network, it’s intuitive and uncomplicated, it takes the best parts of Facebook and Twitter and merges them but will it ever get enough interaction to really take off?  Since it’s inception there has been talk of it failing, it seems there are some people out there just waiting for it to fail so they can say ‘told you so!’.  However as reports come in of the slump of interaction on the network it’s worth taking another look at why we should (or should not) be using it.  And that’s exactly what this article from Viral Blog does.  Worth a read if just to re-asses your presence there.

How to verify your Google+ page

If the last link has persuaded you to stay on Google+ you might find this video useful.  Apparently using this process to link your G+ page and your website will help your website rank on Google.  It’s on my todo list for this week!

Not forgetting Timeline!

I’m not going to totally ignore Timeline, in fact if you scroll down you’ll find three links from me about it.  If you’re still wondering if you should make the change to Timeline business pages but don’t know where to start this article from Christina at CG Online Marketing will help you get started.

And from this week

If you’re in preview mode or simply taken the big step and converted to Timeline on your business page here’s my video tutorial on changing your featured tabs and how to change the images that accompany them.

I also wrote a post on the demise of the welcome tab on new Timeline pages for Bloggertone.  Is customisation a thing of the past?

Timeline is very image heavy, there’s a cover photo, an avatar, custom images for tabs.  I’ve collected all the info on these different types of image and included them in a blog post.  I’ve also added three free tools that can help you create great images to use on Timeline.

And finally… nothing to do with timeline.  This Monday’s cool tool is an application that helps you hide specific #tags or people from our feeds! Great way to hide Britain’s Got Talent or the Euro Soccer Championship.