I’m a lazy pinned. I’m working hard to get more excited about Pinterest but I still only use it sporadically.  If you are lazy like me or even if you don’t use Pinterest at all there are a few things you can do to encourage more pins from your site. For example you can make sure it’s easy to pin your content by adding a ‘pin it’ button to your site.

If you want to find out how sucessful you are being you can find out how often content from your site has been pinned. See below:


This weeks cool tool PinAlerts is a really handy one that will tell you when someone has pinned something from your website. This gives you the opportunity to thank the pinner as well as monitoring the success.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click ‘Register’


  • Fill in your details and click on ‘Register’


  • You will receive an email to verify your account
  • Click the link in your emal verification and then sign in
  • Now you can add as many domains as you want to monitor and choose how often you want alerts – I chose ‘as it happens’ as I’m sure there isn’t a flood of pins from my site.
  • Click ‘Create a PinAlert’


Now you are all set, sit back and wait for your notifications. I’m still waiting!

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I’d been eying with envy bloggers who had enabled a tool that allowed you to easily pin images from their blog.  When I hovered my mouse over their photos a little tag would appear prompting me to ‘Pin It’.  Even better, when I pinned using this button it attached the title of the blog post I was pinning from rather than the name of the image. I guessed it was a plugin but which one?  Thankfully Ching Ya wrote this excellent post on getting more blog shares on Pinterest recommending the ‘Pin It Button For Images’ plugin.

If you have a self hosted blog it’s easy to instal and get up and running.

Here’s how it works

  • From your WordPress dashboard click on ‘Plugins’ on the left hand side toolbar


  • Click ‘Add new’ at the top of the screen


  • Type ‘Pinterest Pin It Button For Images’ into the search box
  • Click ‘Search Plugins’


  • Find ‘Pinterest Pin It Button For Images’ in the search results and click ‘Install Now’ underneath the listing


  • Depending on your server security settings you may be prompted to enter a username and password.
  • Once installed click ‘Activate Plugin’ underneath


  • To configure the plugin click on ‘Settings’ on the left hand side menu and ‘Pinterest Pin it’ underneath it. I have chosen just to show pinnable images on ‘Single Post


  • Now go to a blog post and hover your cursor over an image. A ‘Pin It’ tab should appear. Try it here on this post to see it in action


I’m delighted with it and hope that it will encourage more pins from my blog in future, it’s something I’ll be keeping an eye on.  What do you think? Do you like this plugin? Would you be more likely to pin from a blog that uses it?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Oreo, The Superbowl, The Applebee Crisis and Vine Inspiration - The Social 7


This week I take a closer look at Vine, how marketers took advantage of the blackout during the Superbowl and how to show your community love.

Oreo, Blackout & The Superbowl

The SuperBowl used to be something that happened in the US, I was vaguely aware of it because of all those movies I’ve watched but it’s not until I started getting in to Internet marketing that I really started to pay attention. This year it seemed to be even more widespread. I’m not sure if this is because Twitter and other social media have made the world smaller, because there are a lot of sports fans on my timeline or because it’s become almost as big an event for social media marketers as it has for sports fans.

I didn’t stay up to watch it evolve but apparently there was a black out during the event and some of the more creative brands used this to their advantage. One of those was Oreo, here’s what they did as reported on by Krishna De.

5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Pinterest

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know I’m taking a stronger interest in Pinterest this year. I’m still finding my feet so this article from Ching Ya on driving more traffic to your blog using Pinterest was very welcome. There’s a WordPress plugin amongst her tips that I will be trying for sure.

8 Ways To Show Your Community Love

Social media couldn’t be social without our followers, some are customers who will keep coming back to us, others will share our content and our story drawing in new leads and customers. It’s important for us to nurture these contacts, to reward them and encourage them to share more. This great article from SteamFeed is full of ideas of how to give them the love they deserve.

How 15 Real Businesses Are Getting Creative With Vine

If you have somehow missed out on the phenomenon that is Vine it’s an amazing new social network powered by an iOS app. Some are calling it the Video version on Instagram. The app allows you to record six second videos. It sounds short and complicated to start with but as soon as you download the app you’ll be hooked. I think the biggest selling point is the interface that allows you to record short shots by touching the screen of your iPhone. Still confused? Don’t be here’s some examples collected on the Hubspot blog. I particularly like the Animate & Create flipbook.

The First Ever Vine Contest?

It hasn’t taken long for us marketers to try and find marketing ideas for Vine. I’m not sure if this is the first ever Vine contest but the Cavendish Hotel have been very clever to be so quick off the mark. It’s getting lots of attention on social media but I’ve seen very few entries. If you have an iPhone and could get to London by the 15th of Feb it’s worth giving it a go.

Six Tips for Managing an Out-of-Control Social Media Crisis

It’s only when a brand has a really big crisis that news spreads this far. Yes there are small disasters all the time on social media but it seems when it hits a big brand in a big way we all like to take a closer look. This time it is American restaurant chain Applebee that is in the spotlight. The crisis started when a staff member was fired after posting a photo of a receipt and the message scrawled on to it by a customer on social media, it got worse and worse after this. Here’s a good outline of what happened and how it could have been avoided.

For Those Who Love Chain E-mail

Do people still send chain emails or have they migrated to those viral status updates we see on Facebook? Either way this video from “Weird Al” Yankovic made me smile.

And From This Week

Filter Your Twitter Timeline – Cool Tool

I’ve been looking for something like this for ages, it’s a tool that filters my entire Twitter newsfeed meaning that when I need to take a break from business stuff I can focus on the fun Tweeps, or when a breaking news story unfolds I can watch it easily without having to jump in and out of search. Tweetdig acts as a full Twitter client and is great fun to play around with. I can’t see me abandoning Hootsuite for it but it could become a handy addition.

Video Tip – Get Consistent Sound On Your Videos

My second tip for video casters is about sound. I’ve been having issues because I record my video on two different devices and cut between them. I found a solution and here it is.

5 Content Ideas For Local Businesses On Facebook

This week I was delighted to be asked to guest post on Jon Loomer’s excellent blog. Here it is, featuring examples from lots of Irish businesses and how they are creating content that engages their audiences on Facebook.

Here’s wishing you a fantastic weekend. See you next week.
photo credit: Unhindered by Talent via photopin cc

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In 2013 I’ve set myself the challenge to spend more time on Pinterest.  It’s not a network ideally suited to my business but I’ve seen so many clever things done on it I wanted to up my efforts to see what can be done.

Here’s one of the first Pinterest tips that I implemented and it’s working, I’m only a week in to the new year marketing and I’m already seeing traffic coming in to my blog from Pinterest.

Includes examples from Jon Loomer and Ching Ya

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The office is about to close, I am sitting at my desk wearing a Santa hat listening to Christmas songs on the radio.  I may blog sporadically between now and January 7th but the office is well and truly closed.  Here’s wishing you a fantastic Christmas break.

Here are 7 social stories to keep you occupied over the holiday including a way to hack your WiFi signal to make it stronger, some Pinterest and blogging tips, Facebook page fails and the basics of creating a buyer persona.

There’s no such thing as a Twitter elite

There are people on Twitter who for one reason or another have become celebrities of the genre.  People who have lots of followers and have been on Twitter since it was a text service or those who court controversy and have built up a significant following, there are also some lovely people who attract followers with their magnetic personalities.  There are the real celebrities too. The likes of Stephen Fry, Amy Huberman, Justin Beiber.  All of these seem to be the thought leaders on Twitter or the ‘Twitter elite’.  This amusing article from the New Statesman describes how we should deal with these people, and why they may seem to hate us.

How to create a customer persona

How much do you know about your customer?  Are you creating content that will really interest them?  Creating a buyer persona, defining your typical customer types can help you market to them better.  It can ensure that you are meeting their needs, it can make sure you are speaking the right language.  This excellent post from Social Media Explorer takes you through the basics of creating these personas.  It’s worth giving this a shot even if you are a small business, knowing more about your customer will always make it easier to know what to post and what other products and services to form synergies with.

The worst Facebook posts of 2013?

Since the arrival of ‘Condescending Corporate Brand Page‘ on Facebook we have been entertained by some of the worst examples of begging, ridiculous, annoying and just plain bad Facebook posts from business pages.  There are posts asking you to like if you love your Children, to like if you had a birthday this year, irrelevant posts including cat pictures and more.  This article showcases some of the worst, they’re annoying but I can’t help smiling at the craziness of some of them.

How to boost your WiFi signal

I love this video from HackCollege and I’ll definitely be checking some more of their minute long videos out.  I do have problems with my WiFi reach but sadly my router doesn’t have and aerial so it won’t work for me.  If you try it let me know if it works.

Important update to Facebook promoted post and cover image guidelines

After my initial skepticism I am a convert to promoted posts on Facebook.  It means that when I have something that is really important for me to push out to a wider audience I can.  I don’t use them often but I’ve been pleased with the results when I have.

Facebook are in the process of changing their guidelines for promoted post advertising and cover images.  It seems they want to discourage images that are primarily made up of text and these new guidelines relate directly to that.  Neither your cover image or an image that you include in a promoted post may have more than 20% of the area covered in text.  According to this post from Inside Facebook they will help us measure our text to ensure we comply.  Make sure your images don’t break this rule in order to avoid promoted posts getting rejected in the future.

4 Tips for writing a blog post opening that turns heads

I’m always trying to improve my blog, I’m also one of the founders of the KLCK Bloggers Network, a group of like minded bloggers who get together once a month to share our experiences and knowledge.  Because of this I’m always looking for articles and hints and tips for writing better blogs.  This one from Jeff Bullas is great and focuses on the opening paragraph of your blog.  What should it do and how can you make it more effective? These are tips I’ll definitely be putting in to practice in the new year.

The 3 step guide to creating Pinterest-friendly graphics for your blog

I’ve still not fully embraced Pinterest, it’s not a network that naturally attracts me but it’s one that I’m aware is not going to go away.  It needs to become part of my social media marketing mix and it’s another one of my new year’s resolutions to make it work in 2013.  I have a plan of how I want to approach this and hopefully you will be seeing great things from my Pinterest in the year to come.   One thing that I know I’ll continue to use it for is sharing my blog posts so this article from Pro Blogger was a great find for me.  It’s a step by step guide to creating strong pinnable images for your blog.

And from this week

Easily create customised Facebook cover images

This weeks cool tool helps you create customised cover images for your Facebook pages and profiles.  You can choose an image from their bank of stock images, customise it with text, your own images and other stock photos to spruce up your Facebook page.  I made one in minutes to wish everyone a happy Christmas.  It’s simple to use, here’s how it works and how to create your own.

How to migrate a Facebook friend page to a Facebook Like page

For one reason or another lots of people set up friend pages on Facebook rather than business or Like pages.  This is against Facebook’s terms of service and they do remove friend pages that pose as businesses when they discover them.  The good news is that if you are a business you can now easily switch to a business page.  This week I show you how and show you some of the benefits of having a Facebook business page.

And that’s all from me until Santa arrives.  Have a great holiday, I’ll be back in business on the 7th of January.

If you enjoy reading my blog please nominate it for the Social Media Examiner Top 10 Social Media Blogs.  Last year I reached the finals but I’ve been working hard all year long to make it better.  I would be over the moon to make it in to the top 10 this year.  To reach the judging stage I need to get a lot of nominations so please nominate by visiting this post and leaving a comment including the link and why you think I should win.

photo credit: Daviddje via photopin cc

For this weeks social 7 I’ve chosen a post on a novel use for Pinterest, one about how Social media is effecting the role of the sales man, a great Facebook tutorial and more.

How Pinterest can help you choose seeds

I’d love to be an avid Gardener but in truth I spend way too much time in front of my computer and not enough tending my garden.  My Garden is a mess and I haven’t attempted to grow anything for years.  Dee Sewell from Greenside Up seems to have gotten the balance right though, she uses social media to enhance her business.  This week she posted about how gardeners can use Pinterest as a garden planning tool.  Read more here.

Is social media making your sales team obsolete?

In my previous business I had to spend a massive chunk of my time on Sales,  sales calls, sales letters, follow up calls were a daily chore.  I slowly began to integrate social tools into the sales process and found that they could make it easier.  I love that social media can take the cold out of cold calling, you can research your customer and build the initial relationships online making it easier to lift the phone to arrange an appointment.  It also means your customers can find out more about you.

That was three years ago now, have we now become even more reliant on online tools for sales?  Is this making your sales team obsolete or does it just mean that they need to learn new skills?  Great analysis here from Jay Bear’s convince and convert blog.

Using social media for customer research

If you want to put some social media in to your sales process, particularly for customer research, this post from Social Media Examiner is a great read.  It takes you through a variety of networks and how they can be used to learn more about your customer, discovering what sorts of questions your customers might be asking and what sort of content they are interested in.  I’m sure you must all be subscribed to the Social Media Examiner blog already but if you aren’t it’s definitely one to add to your reading list.

3 low cost Facebook campaigns

It’s always good to look to promotions or campaigns that others are running in order to see what might work for you. These three case studies are great inspiration.  However I’d be wary of a campaign that only results in page likes or page views.  For this reason I think the conservation group is the best example as the competition resulted in sign ups and volunteers.

How to merge duplicate Facebook pages

Duplicate Facebook pages are becoming a massive problem, whether it’s having two pages set up by accident both with their own number of Likes, or whether someone has checked in at your location resulting in a rogue places page it can happen easily.  Luckily there is a solution, you can claim pages and merge them.  Here’s a tutorial on how to via the brilliant Impactiv8 blog.

The future of the Internet could help with dating!

Last week I shared an article on the Internet of Things, the week before I wrote about how I saw the future.  Continuing on this theme I love this short film on how augmented reality contact lenses could both enhance and destroy dating.  Thanks to @stevewatts on Twitter for sharing it with me.

Interactive WordPress for small business Infographic

I’m a big fan of WordPress, I will be building my new, long promised website on it.  I love it because it’s simple to customise, you can have a website built in a very short space of time and it’s easy to update once it’s built.  If you are thinking of taking a closer look at WordPress for your website, or even as a blogging tool, this infographic is a great resource. Click on any of the boxes on the graphic and you will find links to more in-depth information on the topics.

And from this week

Cool tool that makes it easier to understand your Facebook statistics

The insights Dashboard on Facebook has become more and more complex over the years.  This is a good thing, the information is valuable and gives you a better measure of what is and is not working for your page.  They can take a while to navigate though so if you want a quick snap shot of headline statistics this weeks cool tool Minilytics is here to help.  Read my review here.

Twitter Marketing Tip #2 – The Importance of conversation

Probably the most important thing you can do on Twitter and maybe the one thing that is most commonly overlooked. This week I talk about conversation in 15 seconds.

5 reasons why Facebook like and share competitions don’t work

At our monthly bloggers meet-up on Monday we were talking about Facebook and whether users really were turning away from the network.  One person said that they were tired of logging in to see their newsfeed full of  competitions their friends were sharing.  This has been a sore point for me for a while.  Not only do these competitions break the rules but I fail to see the value in them.  Here’s why.

I’d like to preface this weeks cool tool by saying I haven’t been able to get it to work yet.  Pingraphy looks like a great solution to stop you flooding the Pinterest feed with your pins.  I originally found it on Whcingya’s blog so I’m sure the issues I’m having are just a technical glitch.  You can read Ching’s review here.

I seem to have avoided the Pinterest bug, I can see that lots of people enjoy using it and there are lots of really cool images to be found, I have even heard anecdotally that it’s a great source of traffic to websites but I just can’t get into it on a personal level.  Having said that I am using it. I find it a useful tool for bookmarking blog posts I find, particularly those that are Pinterest related.

One of the things that can bug you about Pinterest is that you can tell when someone has been on a Pinterest binge, your feed will suddenly fill up with image after image from one person.  It doesn’t upset me too much, my Pinterest friends have great taste but from a marketing point of view I’d be worried that I’d be missing some of my audience.  Just because I’m online it doesn’t mean that my customers are.  That’s where this weeks cool tool comes in handy.  Pingraphy allows you to schedule your pins so you can spread them out during the day and hopefully reach more of your target market.

Here’s how it works:

Log in to Pingraphy using your Pinterest details

Set up and account

Drag the pingraphy bookmarklet onto your bookmarks bar

Visit a site that you want to pin from

Click on the bookmarklet you’ve just added to your bookmark bar

Pingraphy auto selects all the images so click ‘unselect all’ on the top right hand side of the screen and choose the image you want to pin

Click ‘next’

Choose the board you want to pin to from the drop down menu

Click on schedule

Change the timezone to your own

Click on the schedule options and choose the day and time you want to schedule on

Use the sliders to choose a particular time and date

This is where it stopped working for me but according to Ching’s post scheduled pins appear on your dashboard until posted to Pinterest, it also records the number of Likes, RePins and comments on each pin you have scheduled.

I love the idea of this app but I’m not sure how it sits with some of the others I use.  At the moment I pin everything through Pinerly as it offers some great stats, scheduling would be a great addition to this, I’m not sure I’d travel to another app just for the scheduling.  However if I was a heavy pinner I might think differently.

I don’t like the way that it automatically selects all images from a post when I go to pin.  It would be easy to continue from this point without de-selecting and that would mean I’d be flooding people’s streams with irrelevant images.  I also find the sliders hard to use. I’d much rather type in a time or choose a time from a drop down menu.  However these are minor concerns.  If I can get it working for me I’m sure this is a tool I would use from time to time, particularly if I need to target an audience in a different timezone.

Give it a go and let me know if you have success and if it is a tool that you would use yourself.

More on Pinerly here

The sun has been shining this week in Ireland and traditionally that means that many of us step away from our computers and embrace the outdoors.  I guess it’s not as simple as that anymore though.  With so many handheld devices that we use to access the Internet people are happily tweeting and Facebooking from the beach, from the park and from their holidays.  Of course this mobile trend has been one of the big talking points around the Facebook IPO, if you bought stock don’t panic Facebook ad’s will be coming to the mobile web soon.  Not such good news for users perhaps but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

This week I’ve found some good reads about Pinterest, some beautiful email marketing and we’ll be looking at why GM really pulled their Facebook ads and the new Bitly re-design.

GM Wanted to ‘take over’ Facebook pages

In the lead up to the Facebook IPO car manufacturer General Motors announced that they would be pulling all their Facebook advertising as they felt it wasn’t delivering sales.  There was a lot of talk and speculation about the move at the time.  Some pointed at GM’s less that inspiring Facebook pages, some said this was proof that Facebook advertising didn’t work.  This was no blow for Facebook either, GM spent millions on Facebook ads every year and the announcement before the IPO must have had some effect on the floatation.  This week it has emerged the reasons behind the decision. It seems that GM wanted more than the traditional advertising options offered by Facebook, they were not happy with the options on offer and wanted ‘page takeover’, this would involve far more intrusive ads for user. More here.

Bitly re-design

I’m usually quite positive about change, I realise that change is often hard because we have become accustomed to the way things work but if we are to progress it is necessary. However, when I logged into earlier this week and saw that it had changed I wasn’t happy.  Like lots of people I use Bitly not just to shorten links so they will fit into tweets but as an effective measurement tool. It’s good to know people are clicking my tweets and Facebook posts even if they don’t comment or share, it’s a good way to find out what sort of content people want.  So what’s the problem with the new design?  First and foremost it’s harder to use, it’s not just that not everything is where it used to be but it’s at least one more click to shorten a link,  it takes longer to do it and once you have viewing stats isn’t as intuitive as it used to be.   I understand what they are trying to do and I like the idea of a combination bookmarking site and link shortening site but this design is too complicated and will put people off. I’m still persisting with Bitly but if you want an alternative this article from All Twitter offers some great alternatives.

Tweets that Twitter won’t let you send

Did you know that if you share a two word Tweet starting ‘get’ on Twitter it disappears?  Seemingly it’s a throwback to the days when Twitter was just a text service.  It’s hard to picture Twitter this way now, by the time I’d joined Twitter it was a full web version.  Here’s a full list of things you can’t Tweet and more on why.

Beautiful email marketing

There was a time when people declared email marketing dead.  Not any more, surveys have shown that it is still the preferred way for many to receive offers and news about your business.  If you need some inspiration for your next e-shot you couldn’t go far wrong looking at these examples picked by Hubspot.  There’s one to fit any kind of business or mail out style here. My favourite has to be the cycling one… but cycling is one of my passions.

Ways not to measure your social media success

This year has seen a real focus on measurement and quite rightly.  If you or your staff are going to devote a large portion of your time to using social media you need to know you are getting a return on that investment.  It’s not nearly as hard as you might think but getting the focus right is important.  It’s not enough just to count the number of Likes or Followers you have, you need to find a way to equate what you are doing with a goal.  That’s why I picked this interesting article from The Sales Lion to share with you this week. 10 misleading social media metrics.  Worth a read, it may even change the way you use social media completely.

Creative Pinterest marketing

Almost every week I must mention my astonishment at the rise of Pinterest and it seems the rest of the social media world is with me.  I’m using it, I know people who are passionate about it and one thing is for sure, we can’t just ignore it.  I’m always on the look out for creative uses of Pinterest and I find this article from Jeff Bullas fascinating.  I particularly like the idea of a behind the scenes board, a great way to personalise your business and something I must have a think about for

Don’t feed the Trolls

It’s always important to think about what you will do if you are attacked on social media.  In most cases you will try and resolve any issues, it’s a great way to showcase your customer service and to promote yourselves as a caring brand.  There are some exceptions however and Trolls are one of these.  I’m not talking about the Trolls that sit under bridges, an Internet Troll is someone who posts something to provoke a reaction, very often if you respond they will come back with another unreasonable retort.  If this happens this is the time to end the conversation, engaging with them will just provoke more unusual behaviour and can escalate into something that will cause you a lot of time and pain.  In more simple terms… never feed the Trolls.

And from this week

Manage Your Instagram Account from The Web

This is a real must have tool for all Instagrammers. Statigram allows you to manage your account from your computer, lets you view stats and even allows you to add your feed to your website or Facebook.  Definitely worth checking out. More here

Facebook changes

This week saw Facebook finally introduce post scheduling and the long awaited 5 types of admin.

Social 7

I’m still trying to ignore the Facebook IPO. I’m no expert in finance so find it hard to comment on what’s happening.  What has caught my eye this week is some interesting marketing from the ‘Alien’ prequal Prometheus, that amazing moog Google Doodle, Microsoft’s new social network and how one print magazine is incorporating Pinterest.  Microsoft’s social network

Microsoft a new social sharing site was launched this week.  According to PC World it’s not exactly a social network.  I’ve had a quick sniff around but not enough of one to have a fully informed opinion yet.  Reading this really good article and walk around has helped me understand it more. Some of the features do look interesting, it seems users will congregate around interests and that makes sense, we’re doing more of this on Facebook with groups and interest lists and Google+ with circles. The big question has to be is it different enough and compelling enough to compete against the big boys?

Official Twitter guide for small businesses based in the UK

Twitter have always had a small business guide but this week saw them release one specifically for the UK.  As you have probably noticed the language and style of social media varies between America and the UK.  I’ve always felt that Ireland sits somewhere between the two.  The Irish version isn’t out (yet) but you can download the UK one here.  And if you’re a little annoyed that they haven’t launched one for us in Ireland yet you will probably smirk when you read that they have upset most of the UK by using the tag #LDNlocal.  Read more here.

Magazine allows pinning from print

This is a fascinating story, it really caught my eye this week.  Print magazine House Beautiful has devised a way to allow users to pin content from their paper magazine onto Pinterest. Readers just need to use a mobile app connected to their Pinterest account to share images from the magazine.  Without trying it for myself I can’t see how easy it is to use but it’s definitely clever thinking. More here.

Guide to Twitter abbreviations

When you have been using Twitter for a while it can be easy to forget how confusing it can be for a newbie.  I was asked whilst running a course this week was it written in another language.  In a way it is.  What with RT, MT, HT, HTT, #tags, @replies not to mention text language it must seem quite confusing for someone who is brand new to the site.  Luckily this guide is here to help.

Websites with seamless social media integration

Social Media Intergration
One of the beautiful sites with great social media integration

I’m always in the midst of redesigning my website in my head, one day it will happen in real life.  Obviously a big part of the design is the social media links.  Should you have buttons or Like boxes and Twitter streams.  Just when I was convinced the Like box was the way to go I saw this website.  Of course I’d have to make the rest of the website beautiful enough to work any of these ideas in.  For a bit of inspiration alone have a look at these examples.

Clever viral marketing from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus

I have to admit that sometimes I can be a bit of a geek and the movie Prometheus turns me to full on geek mode.  The film, a prequal to ‘Alien’ is released next week and I’m pretty sure that it won’t be able to live up to the marketing hype.  We’ve seen Twitter used in conventional advertising, great viral videos and the latest are personal messages from ‘Wayland Corporation’ (the business featured in the film) to Linkedin users. This is creativity at it’s best.  Read more here and see a faux TED video that has been doing the rounds as well.

Moog Google Doodle inspires geeks

Now that I’ve admitted my geekhood you might understand why I like these.  On Wednesday the Google Doodle was a playable Moog Synthesiser, a massive time suck and it looks like some people spent an inordinate amount of time creating their masterpieces.  Here’s some of the geekiest and best.  Below is my personal favourite, a rendition of the Dr. Who theme.

And from this week

New mobile app for Facebook pages

Facebook have launched a stand alone mobile app for page managers.  As I’m writing this it still seems to be only available for iPhone but Android is on the way.  I had a quick look around, here’s how it works.  I’ve been using it for a week now and I’ve found it a great way to keep on top of comments when I’m on the move.  I also love that I can see insights for the entire page or individual posts directly from the app.

What happens to your social media and blog when you are gone?

We are encouraged to make a will so that our physical assets can be split up as we wish when we are gone, we include our wishes for our funeral and our burial but should we be including what we want to happen to our digital life when we are gone?  I looked at how social networks deal with death and looked at how we can ensure our blogs live on. Not a cheery topic but one we should all be thinking about. Read the full article here.

Google+ Case Study – The Reluctant Speakers Club

This week sees a return of my videocast.  I spoke to Eammon from the Reluctant Speakers Club about his success with Google+. In just one month Google+ has become a significant driver of quality traffic with 6% coming from the network.  More here.

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Social 7 Social Media Roundup

Mark Zuckerberg wore a hoodie this week, everyone seems to be talking about it.  In other news Facebook is still rolling out new features left right and centre and Pinterest is still the topic grabbing all the headlines.  This week I look at that self driving car from Google, how the ad breaks are becoming better than the TV shows, and a great article on using Google+.

Google and the self driving car

The Google self driving car
The Google self driving car

It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel but it looks like the driverless car is well and truly on it’s way.  This week saw the new Google car that drives itself get the go ahead for real life road tests in Nevada, although it still needs to be accompanied by a responsible adult.  This is Knight Rider, Total Recall and more all rolled into one.  Unfortunately the car doesn’t look quite as cool as KITT.  Many of my Facebook friends are wondering if you can drink and sit in one of these as it drives you home.  More on the driverless car from PC Mag.

Facebook launches document sharing

I’m a big fan of Dropbox, for those of you who aren’t aware of it Dropbox is a cloud based system that allows you to save and share documents. It’s easy to use and means you can access your documents from any PC or Smart-Phone.  A couple of weeks ago Google launched Google Drive, a similar application that some called the Dropbox killer.  Yesterday Facebook announced that tit was going to be rolling out it’s own document sharing to all Facebook groups.  As a heavy Facebook group user I’m going to find this really handy, although I don’t seem to have it yet.  Instead of using Google docs or the limited document creation that Facebook has previously allowed I will now be able to share stuff directly to a group instead of linking off site.  There seems to be some concern within the online community that Facebook may be gearing up to take on Dropbox and Google Drive but I see no evidence this so far.  I also feel trust levels about Facebook aren’t high enough for people to share sensitive documents the way they might on Dropbox.  For more on the new document sharing feature check out this article from Mashable.

The power of an Obama Tweet

Barack Obama ReTweets
Obama at almost 60,000 RT’s after endorsing same sex marriage

Obama has to be partly responsible for the clamour of politicians using social media.  He set the standard during his last election campaign, utilising social media across the board.  Many have tried to imitate him, some successfully some woefully.  Can anyone forget Gordon Brown’s YouTube videos, even his fans felt slightly uncomfortable watching his cheezy performance on screen.  This week shows that Obama has lost none of his power, a Tweet from his account endorsing gay marriage received almost 60,000 Re-tweets, and counting.  Read more here and follow the live RT score here.

Shazam advertising and Britain’s got Talent

You may be familiar with Shazam, it’s possibly the first iPhone app I ever heard of. The original application helped you identify music that was playing, so if you were in a shop or a club you no longer had to ask a member of staff what was playing, you could let your phone tell you.  Since then they have expanded and this weekend sees the first TV advertising using Shazam.  During Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday night advertisements from Pepsi Max and Cadbury will display tags, prompting Shazam users to check in, those who do might win something cool.  At the moment I have no concept how this will work but I am downloading the app and will tune in to the ad breaks to see what happens.  More here.

Is Google+ a ghost town?

I’m really beginning to like Google+, it takes a while but once you realise it really isn’t Facebook and understand how to discover stuff and interact it really is a great network. It’s still new but I’m finding myself getting more and more immersed in it.  This article is full of great tips on how to make the most of Google+, I won’t be implementing all the suggestions but it’s a great reminder of some of the features that we may have forgotten about.  If you read this and follow the advice I guarantee you will find G+ more fun.  A big hat tip to FIR podcast for alerting me to this article.

Social gifting – what’s that?

Social gifting is a trend I will be keeping an eye on.  Already consumers are getting used to doing their gift shopping online and sites like Groupon show that their is an appetite for online voucher buying. Now there are applications springing up that allow you to send gift vouchers to friends phones.  More here.  Although I love the simplicity of this idea I’d hope that people would use it for spontaneous gifting, I think the process of choosing, buying and wrapping a gift for your loved ones is important and I’d hate to see a future where exchanging Christmas gifts would just be a series of beeping phones.

A marketers guide to Pinterest

This is a really clever video that turns infographic into infovideo.  A great guide to Pinterest it’s filled with stats and hints presented in animated infographic form.  It certainly holds your attention.  I’m imagining we’re going to see a lot more of these in the future, maybe they will become as viral as infographics.

And from this week

Preview links on Twitter before you click with Embedly

I really love this tool for Twitter, it’s a browser add on that allows you to preview links from Tweets the same way you preview images and videos. In fact it’s so useful that I’ve been using it a week and I can’t remember life without it.

Awards, Awards, Awards

This is the story of how I happen to be running the Blog Awards Ireland this year and why I’m so happy to be nominated in the Social Media Awards.

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