A Quick Guide To Sharing Images On Twitter

Last October Twitter made one of the biggest changes to it’s service. After years of being a text only service they allowed images to appear in the stream.

At first I was concerned that it would slow the load time of the app. Luckily this doesn’t seemed to have happened. I was also worried that we’d see a flood of Facebook style memes but it seems the people I follow don’t share many of those either. In general it has made the Twitter experience better. I used to have to click to see a photo. You might not think this is a big deal you might think but psychologically I was making a commitment by clicking.

Now the images slow me down, as I scroll through my feed the photos catch my eye and attract me to specific tweets. They have become a hugely powerful part of what Twitter is.

In this post I’ll look at images on Twitter, when we should share them, what size they should be and we’ll look at some examples of what I think works well.

When to share an image

Photos have power but only when they are good. If you are thinking of putting a text quote on a blank background and sharing it stop now. You are just creating a tweet in a really long winded way. A good image on Twitter should be enough to slow down someone scrolling through the stream and at best make them click either to see more of the photo or the link that accompanies it.

1. Images with links

If you have written a blog post or article try sharing a strong image with it. This should be an attention grabbing picture. Take a look at this one from Lifehacker. It’s colourful, it catches the eye and the text really makes me want to click the link to find out the solution.

Creating The Perfect Image For Twitter

2. Share a moment from your day

When we follow brands on Twitter we often forget there are humans behind the logos. If you have to use your branding for your avatar you can still show your personality and images can be a great way to do this. I love this picture from Designist, it shows me a bit of the personality behind the logo.

A Quick Guide To Sharing Images On Twitter

3. Conferences

Conferences are great places to meet new people and connect with people on Twitter.  I’ve met lots of business contacts after tweeting with them at conferences. I’m never at a loss for someone to have coffee with.

It’s a good idea to share relevant snippets of information that you pick up at conferences with your followers but now we can share pictures from the day too. If you are doing this think about how you can make your photo unique. Don’t let your image get lost in a sea of similar images from other attendees. Can you get an angle that no one else can? Perhaps it’s the food, an interesting installation or a selfie with one of the speakers. As we have learnt from Ellen at the Oscars, a selfie taken at the right time and place can be hugely popular.

Eye catching images will stand out in the search results from the conference hash tags and people will begin to recognise your name before you even tweet them.

This image from Documentally seemed to be shared from a post conference dinner.

A Quick Guide To Sharing Images On Twitter

4. Because you just took a great photograph

If you are somewhere beautiful or if you just nailed it and happened to get a great shot share it. It’s not always going to be appropriate for your business but like the ice cream shot above it’s a good way to let people know there is a person behind the brand.

5. To demonstrate a point

I saw the photograph below in my Twitter stream today. Initially I was expecting a link to accompany it but it really isn’t neccessary. This is an example of when a picture really does tell a thousand words.

A Quick Guide To Sharing Images On Twitter

What size should your image be?

If you want your picture to show in full in the Twitter stream you need to create an image that has a 2:1 ratio. That means it should be twice as long as it is deep. The optimum size for an image you upload to Twitter is 1024×512 pixels. It displays as 440×220 pixels in the feed. You can use PicMonkey (affiliate link) to scale your images to the right size or create images that are the right size.

If you upload an image that doesn’t fit the ratio it will be cropped in the feed. Twitter will still show the full picture when someone expands the tweet or clicks on it.

Take a look at this image shared by Monster Energy. The image that displays in the feed gives no hint of what is really happening in the photo.

A Quick Guide To Sharing Images On Twitter

A Quick Guide To Sharing Images On Twitter

How does Twitter choose what part of the image to show

If you have an image that doesn’t fit the correct ratio Twitter crops it in the feed. We don’t really know exactly how Twitter chooses what part of your image to show, there is no obvious trait. Sometimes Twitter will show the bottom, sometimes the middle sometimes the top of an image. It is thought that Twitter chooses the most interesting part of the image. As we can see from the example above it doesn’t always get this right.

Sharing from Instagram

There are a few reasons why sharing from Instagram doesn’t work well on Twitter

1. You have to leave the Twitter website to view the Instagram photo. This is prohibitive particularly for mobile users who may not have a strong wifi or 3G signal.

2. We tend to add loads of hashtags to our Instagram photos. This doesn’t work well on Twitter. Autoshares from Instagram tend to look like an unreadable list of tags and don’t inspire a click through.

If you want to share your Instagram photos on Twitter there is a work around that will share your image in the feed.

Using IFTTT  create a recipe that will share your picture as a Twitpic on Twitter every time you share an image on Instagram with a specific hashtag. Viewable in the stream. If you use this recipe make sure that you are including Twitter friendly text in the description.

Are you using images as part of your Twitter strategy? What sort of photos are working best for you? Do you find they result in more clicks to your blog posts or RT’s. I’d love to hear your experiences. Leave me a comment below.

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If you enjoyed this blog post why not subscribe to my newsletter or my blog posts via email. Click here for more info.

I believe Twitter search is it’s killer feature. It’s what makes Twitter one of the best social networks for finding customers.

Get your search terms right and you will find people looking for what you do. In this weeks video-cast I show you how you how to use Twitter search and how to use Topsy to search for influencers on Twitter.

You will notice in the video that as well as using twitter advanced search I was inputing ‘operators’ or search parameters directly in to the search box. This is a good way to bypass Twitter advance search. Instead of having to go back to the form every time you want to add a parameter you can type them straight into the search box.

This is particularly handy if you want to find tweets near a specific location. Twitter have recently taken the ability to name a town and see tweets from that town out of Twitter search.

Here’s what you need to input to theTwitter  search box if you want to find tweets sent within 15 miles of my hometown of Athy for example:

near:athy within:15mi

Here’s a full list of operators taken from the Twitter site.

 How To Use Twitter Search To Find Customers [Tutorial]

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photo credit: purpleslog via photopin cc
photo credit: purpleslog via photopin cc

I love Twitter lists, I use them everyday. Although I like to dip in and out of the main stream on my Twitter account there are a few Tweeters that I enjoy interacting with. My Twitter lists mean that I can dive in and see what those people have been tweeting and filter out everyone else. For example my ‘Social Media Peeps’ list is always full of great links and information. It helps me stay in touch with what is happening in social media.

Creating lists can be a painstaking experience, particularly if you follow a lot of people. I know I’m always finding new people that should have been in my favourites list that I missed but as I follow over 2,000 people it’s hard to keep on top.

This weeks cool tool ‘TweetBe’ was introduced to me last week by Siobhan at Burren Ecotourism group. It simplifys the list making process and most importantly saves you time.

Here’s how it works

  • Connect your Twitter account

  • TweetBe will pull in 20 followees, you will need to click ‘Load all’ to include all the the people you follow.

Twitter Lists Made Easy With TweetBe - Cool Tool

  • Scroll through the list and click the box to the left of the people you want to add to your list.
  • Choose the list that you want to add them to

Twitter Lists Made Easy With TweetBe - Cool Tool

There are some other cool ways to make lists with ListBe too, you can look at results from one of your saved searches, or search for something new.

For example if I wanted to make a list of all the people tweeting about the Congregation at the weekend:

  • I  search for ‘#cong13’, select all tweeters
  • Twitter Lists Made Easy With TweetBe - Cool Tool Create a new list and add them to it

Twitter Lists Made Easy With TweetBe - Cool Tool

Twitter Lists Made Easy With TweetBe - Cool Tool

Twitter Lists Made Easy With TweetBe - Cool Tool

I know I’ll be using this and another tool I’ll be reviewing soon to sift through my lists in the new year.

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ReTweet The Old Fashioned Way With Classic ReTweet - Cool Tool

I still feel that I was quite late to find Twitter, it’s something that I put off for a long time but as soon as I joined I was hooked.  It’s still possibly my favorite network, I love scrolling through it, getting into conversations and discovering great content on it.

When I started on Twitter users still had to do the really long winded RT method. We had to physically copy and paste a tweet and type RT @username before the content. It seems like hard work now that we can just click the RT button underneath a tweet.

There were however some great advantages both for the user and the original tweeter to the old fashioned method. So much so that when I use Hootsuite I have it set to send my RT’s automatically in that format.

1. When you send a ReTweet via the old fashioned method your followers are going to be more interested in it. They choose to follow you because you share good stuff, when they see a link from you, with your name and picture next to it they are more likely to pay attention than if it comes from a stranger. If someone uses the old method to share your content you will usually get more click throughs than via the new method.

ReTweet The Old Fashioned Way With Classic ReTweet - Cool Tool

2. The person you are RTing will be aware that you have shared their tweet. When you write a popular tweet that gets shared over and over again it’s easy to loose track of who has shared it. If you share the old way the RT will appear in the @ replies of the original tweeter, they will be less likely to miss that you have shared.

3. You can add your own comment to the end of the RT, telling users why you are sharing it and personalising it.

On mobile devices we already have a version of this old RT method ‘Quote tweet’ which essentially does the same thing but on the web there isn’t this option. Even knowing the advantages of the old method it still seems like hard work if you are accessing Twitter via the web  it’s much easier just to click that ‘Retweet button. That’s where this weeks cool tool comes in handy.  It’s a browser plugin that works for both the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Here’s How It Works

  • Visit the add on page. For Firefox, or for chrome
  • I’m going to be demonstrating the Firefox version
  • Click the ‘add to Firefox button’

ReTweet The Old Fashioned Way With Classic ReTweet - Cool Tool


  • Click install now on the window that pops up
  • It’s as simple as that, it’s now installed.
  • Open Twitter and hover your mouse over the tweet you want to share

ReTweet The Old Fashioned Way With Classic ReTweet - Cool Tool


  • Click ‘classic RT’ and a window will pop up showing the tweet

ReTweet The Old Fashioned Way With Classic ReTweet - Cool Tool

  • Just click ‘Tweet’ to send it.

I’m delighted to have found this as although I use Hootsuite for most of my tweets this will prevent my lazy RTing from the web browser.

If you are a Twitter newbie or are nervous of getting started sign up for my A Beginners Guide To Twitter online course starting on 10th of June. More info here.

How To Delete A Twitter Virus

I’m sure everyone has gotten one of those spammy messages from a friend on Twitter.  They usually say something like ‘OMG I can’t believe what they’re saying about you’ followed by a link.  If you didn’t realise in time that it was spam and clicked the link your account will start sending out spam too. How do you get rid of a Twitter virus?

Lots of people have clicked these kinda links in the past, even famous tweeters so don’t panic here’s a quick video to show you how stop the messages going out and get rid of the app that is causing them.

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Oreo, The Superbowl, The Applebee Crisis and Vine Inspiration - The Social 7


This week I take a closer look at Vine, how marketers took advantage of the blackout during the Superbowl and how to show your community love.

Oreo, Blackout & The Superbowl

The SuperBowl used to be something that happened in the US, I was vaguely aware of it because of all those movies I’ve watched but it’s not until I started getting in to Internet marketing that I really started to pay attention. This year it seemed to be even more widespread. I’m not sure if this is because Twitter and other social media have made the world smaller, because there are a lot of sports fans on my timeline or because it’s become almost as big an event for social media marketers as it has for sports fans.

I didn’t stay up to watch it evolve but apparently there was a black out during the event and some of the more creative brands used this to their advantage. One of those was Oreo, here’s what they did as reported on by Krishna De.

5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Pinterest

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know I’m taking a stronger interest in Pinterest this year. I’m still finding my feet so this article from Ching Ya on driving more traffic to your blog using Pinterest was very welcome. There’s a WordPress plugin amongst her tips that I will be trying for sure.

8 Ways To Show Your Community Love

Social media couldn’t be social without our followers, some are customers who will keep coming back to us, others will share our content and our story drawing in new leads and customers. It’s important for us to nurture these contacts, to reward them and encourage them to share more. This great article from SteamFeed is full of ideas of how to give them the love they deserve.

How 15 Real Businesses Are Getting Creative With Vine

If you have somehow missed out on the phenomenon that is Vine it’s an amazing new social network powered by an iOS app. Some are calling it the Video version on Instagram. The app allows you to record six second videos. It sounds short and complicated to start with but as soon as you download the app you’ll be hooked. I think the biggest selling point is the interface that allows you to record short shots by touching the screen of your iPhone. Still confused? Don’t be here’s some examples collected on the Hubspot blog. I particularly like the Animate & Create flipbook.

The First Ever Vine Contest?

It hasn’t taken long for us marketers to try and find marketing ideas for Vine. I’m not sure if this is the first ever Vine contest but the Cavendish Hotel have been very clever to be so quick off the mark. It’s getting lots of attention on social media but I’ve seen very few entries. If you have an iPhone and could get to London by the 15th of Feb it’s worth giving it a go.

Six Tips for Managing an Out-of-Control Social Media Crisis

It’s only when a brand has a really big crisis that news spreads this far. Yes there are small disasters all the time on social media but it seems when it hits a big brand in a big way we all like to take a closer look. This time it is American restaurant chain Applebee that is in the spotlight. The crisis started when a staff member was fired after posting a photo of a receipt and the message scrawled on to it by a customer on social media, it got worse and worse after this. Here’s a good outline of what happened and how it could have been avoided.

For Those Who Love Chain E-mail

Do people still send chain emails or have they migrated to those viral status updates we see on Facebook? Either way this video from “Weird Al” Yankovic made me smile.

And From Spiderworking.com This Week

Filter Your Twitter Timeline – Cool Tool

I’ve been looking for something like this for ages, it’s a tool that filters my entire Twitter newsfeed meaning that when I need to take a break from business stuff I can focus on the fun Tweeps, or when a breaking news story unfolds I can watch it easily without having to jump in and out of search. Tweetdig acts as a full Twitter client and is great fun to play around with. I can’t see me abandoning Hootsuite for it but it could become a handy addition.

Video Tip – Get Consistent Sound On Your Videos

My second tip for video casters is about sound. I’ve been having issues because I record my video on two different devices and cut between them. I found a solution and here it is.

5 Content Ideas For Local Businesses On Facebook

This week I was delighted to be asked to guest post on Jon Loomer’s excellent blog. Here it is, featuring examples from lots of Irish businesses and how they are creating content that engages their audiences on Facebook.

Here’s wishing you a fantastic weekend. See you next week.
photo credit: Unhindered by Talent via photopin cc

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Don't Miss The Important Tweets - Filter Twitter With Tweetdig


If like me you follow a massive amount of people on Twitter it can be hard to keep tabs of Tweets on topics that you don’t want to miss.  Twitter itself offers us lots of tools to help us mange our feeds, lists have become indispensable for me as have saved advanced searches.  I use Hootsuite to manage my Twitter feed and this also gives me lots of  options including search and list columns.  Tweetdig however does do something a little different with your searches, giving you an easy way to stay on top of news stories, users and more.  By creating filters you can easily keep up with the latest news as it breaks.  For example this morning there is lots of talk about the Superbowl last night both from a sports perspective and an advertising/social media perspective.  If I want to keep tabs on this I can easily create a filter within Tweetdig.

Here’s how it works

  • Visit the Tweetdig website and sign up with email address
  • Add a Twitter account
  • Authorise the app
  • Now the fun starts, you will be prompted straight away to create a filter
  • It gives you lots of options for filtering; user name, keywords, links, mentions, hashtags, retweets or apps. You can add more than one filter type to the same filter.


  • For me the most useful ones here are #tags and keywords (text), I created one for ‘superbowl’


  • You can add multiple criteria to your filter and these can be different types of criteria (@names, #tags etc). You have the option filter specific criteria in or out, meaning that you can create a totally customised feed with only the best stuff in it.


  • Now you need to add a name for your filter, this will make it easier to go back and edit afterwards, particularly if you are adding multiple filters.


  • To access your filter you can now click on the filter folder on the left hand side of the stream


As well as filtering Tweetdig also operates as a full Twitter client you can tweet, retweet and read DM’s and @replies with ease.

I like the idea of creating a customised feed that I can dip into when I need to, I also like the way Tweetdig can be used to keep tabs on a breaking news story without the hassle of saving a search or adding a new column to Hootsuite. I’m not sure I’d use it as my main Twitter client for business just yet but it might be a good option for people who find Hootsuite too complex of for personal users. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

Do you have too much in your Twitter stream? How do you manage it? Would Tweetdig appeal to you? I’d like to hear what you think so do leave me a comment.

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counting your tweets

I was recently asked to find a tool for a company that were planning on having a blogging contest.  Each member of staff was to create a blog post and the winner would be the person who got the most RT’s.  It can be a hard job to keep track of who is sharing your blog posts, of course some people will include your username in the tweet but many won’t.  This week’s cool tool ‘BackTweets‘ looks like the perfect solution.

It’s really easy to use and can quickly bring together a list of tweets that are sharing any link you choose.

This is a really handy way to keep an eye on what people sharing your posts are saying, how popular they are and it even gives you the opportunity to measure yourself against your competitors and other bloggers in your sector.

Here’s how it works:

  • Paste the link you want to measure into the search box
  • Click ‘Go’


  • Within seconds BackTweets will return an index of tweets linking to the post, this includes those who have shortened links via Bit.ly or Ow.ly as well as those who have pasted it in full.


I’m a bit of a stats junky at the moment so I’m pretty sure I’m going to get addicted to this quite quickly

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photo credit: Desmond Kavanagh via photopin cc

erase tweets

This weeks Cool Tool allows you to delete your tweets in bulk.  I don’t want to delete my tweets from any accounts so I’ve been unable to test it fully.  If you try it or have tried it I’d love to know if it has worked for you and if you have had any issues with it so do let me know in the comments. 

There are various reasons that you might want to delete all your tweets.  Maybe you want to become more business centric with your tweeting and want to delete all those old tweets about drinking coffee or taking the cat to the vet.  Maybe you don’t want to be found in searches for the things you’ve tweeted about in the past.  Whatever your reason the good news is that yes you can delete your tweets from the past in bulk.

Before you start be aware that people may have ReTweeted tweets from you or copied tweets from you in the past so they could still exist.  It’s also worth noting that Twitter is being archived by The Library of Congress in the USA so although you have removed them from Twitter and Twitter and Twitter searches they will still exist there.

Here’s how it works:

delete tweets in bulk


  • The app gives you the option to filter your Tweets for the ones you want to delete.  You can filter by keyword, #tag or tweets for a specific period of time.

erase tweets with tweeteraser

  • The app will pull in all the tweets for the selected filter
  • You have the option to delete individual tweets or all the tweets that match your search by clicking the ‘+’ at the top of the page.

  • Click on ‘Delete selected items’
  • According to the FAQ’s you can delete up to 3,200 Tweets at one time

Be aware, once you have deleted tweets they cannot be restored.  If you want a record of the Tweets you’ve sent it’s worth backing them up first. There are a number of services available for doing this we’ll be taking a look at them in the future.

So have you used the app?  Does it work for you?  Why did you want to delete your Tweets?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

photo credit: becca.peterson26 via photopin cc

Twitter recently changed the way that our profiles look and gave us the opportunity to customise even more.  We are now able to include a header image on our profile.  There are some really great examples of cover images out there.  Check out this post form Ching Ya for inspiration.

As I’m re-designing my website at the moment I decided to hold off on creating a customised image but I still wanted to have a header image.  Then I found Twitter Covers and I’ve now uploaded a nice image to accompany my profile until I have the real design work done.

Here’s how it works

Visit the Twitter Covers Website


Choose a header image that you like, if you mouse over an image it will give you a preview of what the cover will look like on your profile

Click ‘Download Now’ on the bottom right of the image you have chosen

You can choose to download the image manually or just click ‘Make This My Twitter Cover Now & Follow TwitrCovers’

If you choose the automated option you will be asked to authorise the app with Twitter, it will then automatically upload your chosen image

If you choose manual download you will be brought to a page for the image.  Right click the image and choose ‘save image as’ from the drop down menu that appears

Now log in to Twitter to upload your image to your profile

From your homepage click on the cog on the top right hand side of the page

Choose ‘Settings’ from the drop down menu


Choose ‘Design’ from the menu on the left hand side of the settings page

Scroll down until you see ‘Change header’

Click on the drop down menu and upload your image here

This is what my new profile image looks like

Have you seen any creative Twitter header images?  Are you proud of the one you have created for yourself?  I’d love to see them so do leave your comments and links below.